Kleancolor Frappachino goes WILD

I did a whole bunch of photos of this pretty, subtle but shimmery copper brown Kleancolor. And my darling eldest son deleted them. So, I put it back in the ‘to photo’ pile – until today. And here is Frappachino – a colour I will forever associate with my blogger friend Del from Domestic Minxes (check out their blog! They’re good, those minxy girls).

This was three coats, no top coat. It is sheer, but has great formula and builds fine. Possibly some VNL at three coats, but hey. This is me, right? Top coats are going to happen, right? Oh yeah.

Next up was one coat of Julep Melissa (thanks again, Megan!). I love this polish for it’s ability to transform any other polish – in this case it stayed a subtle colour, but had that green pop.

Julep Melissa over Kleancolor Frappachino

Then one coat of OPI Turquoise Shatter, and top coat (Orly Sec’n’Dry) – because, remember Ami’s Rule One of Shatter/Crackle: Use Top Coat.

And that was it for a little bit – I did some dishes, and it wasn’t dry, and the polish got all munched. I smooshed it all back into place and decided to add MORE to cover the wrinkles. (Wrinkles are LOVELY on people. I think it needs to be said until we all believe it and stop throwing our money at suited smarmy marketing people).

Smoooshed nail polish!

I wanted to add visual interest and colour shift, while disguising the wrinkles, and not covering the shatter and underlying polishes. I did take photos of each step, but the lighting was so bad I can’t use them.

But the layers were:

  • L.A. Girl Glitter Addict in Nostalgic – one coat
  • And then a coat of Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple – which added that gorgeous purple colour shifting sparkles to the whole nail. It pretty much set it on fire. Impressed I was.
  • And then last, but not least, was a layer of Australis Speck-tacular flakie polish – why? Because I could. Also, adding the flakies will mean that this mani should look good in every light. And it does, yay!

Topped off with another coat of Orly Sec’n’Dry. I’m really happy with this! Its pretty thick, yeah, but then it’s 9 layers of polish. So fair enough. Its not that garish –  and although I do have a soft spot for garish,  I like that even with 9 coats of polish it’s not.

 And a whole-hand shot…

Afternote: I had lots of compliments on this polish ,which was strange as I dont expect people to notice. I think it was the textured / crackle look, people still seem fascinated with that. Me, I still dont really like it, so that was my biggest challenge here – find a way I can wear it!

Thanks to anyone who made it through this post, and have a great day 🙂


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  1. Hehe 9 layers is a lot! I don’t think I’ve ever done a layering combo with that many, but this looks so nice 😀
    I’ve always felt the same way about crackle polish – it’s hard to figure out how to wear it. I think I’ve only ever worn a black crackle over a silver polish.
    I still adore Kleancolor Frappachino ^_^
    -Del xx

  2. turquoise shatter looks really cool!

  3. ami i miss you! and your nails look fab!

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