Quick Caravan Update – Ceiling and Cupboard Progress. Ish.

I’ve done some more! Ok, only a bit, but seeing as Daniél asked so nicely for me to get a wriggle on and do some more, it really did help me do just that.

The weekend just past saw me start to paint the ceiling, and do some work on the interior of the cupboard.

Cupboard – this was what it looked like after I had removed the pump and misc things that didn’t work, but before painting it cream (which I think I may do something else with soon).

This is how it looked with the paint…


and now I’ve added some shelves. My children added the scribble on the door. If only they hadn’t lost and/or eaten my eraser I would have got that off the door already. (You can click on any of these photos to make them bigger, if you so desire!)


Look, there’s mess in it already! 😀



The ceiling was unpainted wood, with lovely ripples in it.

shows some of the ceiling…

Those ripples remain; there’s nothing up in the ceiling to attach the wood to in order to straighten it out, so I’ll love it wibbles and all. I put two rough coats of white paint over it first to seal the chipboard… and quite liked the effect, but I can’t keep it white, as it won’t work at all with the wallpaper I bought!

So then I’ve added two coats of a INCREDIBLY glossy deep green paint. YUCK.

Well, I can always paint it white again, right?!! Argh!

Right about now I’m hoping that my ideas for the ceiling work, because I don’t like this at all. And no, none of these are finished, but I’m making some progress and thought I’d show ya 😉  This is a fun project, but very tricky for me because we have no money for it, basically. The paint I’m using is either a 30ml test pot, or a $3 garage sale find – hence high gloss green. It’s possibly more fun this way though, all my concepts are having to evolve to deal with what I can get my hands on, which is quite good for my brain, if not my sanity 😀

I’ve also got some ideas about what to do with the Mickey Mouse head shaped hole in the ceiling, and hopefully I can do something about that as soon as the paint is done.

Fingers and toes crossed I’ll be able to do some more work this weekend. And start on papering the walls…exciting 🙂

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  1. Don’t get overwhelmed! Progress is progress! And I think the glossy green is beautiful… Okay, I like and respect you too much to lie. It’s hideous! But oh well! You live and you learn! It just gives you one more thing to look back on and laugh about. =)

    Maybe try a different shade of green instead of putting in all the work to get it white again? Either way, one day you’ll be drinking a cocktail and painting your nails in there with a friend, and it will all be worth it!

    Oh yeah, and how sweet of your kids to add some of their original art work in there for you.


    • hahaha the green paint is a base for another colour/colours – I have a deep blue I wanted, but not enough blue, so I used the green as a better base for it rather than white. I’m hoping to sponge on some deep blue with small accents of silver and gold – go for a nebula type effect. It may not work, but it won’t be green, because that IS hideous 😀 But it was also free, so yay for that! My kids – so creative. They fully put me to shame 😀

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