Miki No.8 – My New Favourite Rorange Polish – Swatches

I found it! I found it! *dances around the room*

If someone had told me last year that I would be spending a chunk of time looking for the ‘perfect’ red/orange nail polish, I’d have patted them gently on the head while helping them into a straight jacket. Well, not really, I don’t have a straight jacket. But you get the picture. Red? Orange? Me? REALLY? Why, yes. And thanks to an impulse buy from Postie Plus in Palmerston North, this Miki polish (about $4 for 7ml) has taken the title for me.

In the shade – please ignore the lack of cleanup on stumpy middle nail, I’m really lazy sometimes.

This is another creme with slight jelly tendancies – the super shine and slight sheerness, but not so sheer it drives me crazy. This is three coats and top coat of Orly Sec’n’Dry. It dried moderately quickly, and the formula was as close to perfect as it gets, really. Easy, shiny, super pretty. It’s definitely a strongly orange toned red – not coral; red, but orange spectrum red.

Shade… shiny in the shade!

This is a great winter colour. It helps make the blahs go away.

Sunlight – yay! Bright!

Whole hand photo…

I’m super happy I bought this, and will try out some more Miki polishes in the future I believe 🙂


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  1. love that nail color!!!!

  2. So pretty! I’ve got a couple of the Miki polishes too but I don’t even know what numbers they are >_< I love them though!
    -Del xx

  3. by the way, I tagged you in my latest post! stop by to check it out 🙂

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