Home-made Holographic Glitter Top Coat

Its winter. No, sorry, it’s WINTER. In other parts of the world this would beconsidered balmy I’m sure, but.. I’m pretty soft with the cold temperatures. It’s been getting below minus 2 degrees Celsius at night, and thats pretty cold for so early in the year. So, I wanted something blingy on my nails to give me a smile. Not as good as an electric blanket for warmth, but better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick.

This was just a quick and nasty franken – the base polish was CR 50, a clear with silver and silver holo glitter, and some large silver stars. Do you remember a while back when I posted how Megan from Two Lacquered Girls sent me some polishes for butterflies, and included some holographic glitters? No? More fish oil tablets for you, then. But here’s the link if you’re curious. Basically I threw a heap of all those glitters into this polish, and shook it like you shouldn’t shake a polaroid picture.

[If you’re curious, you are supposed to lie a polaroid picture down on a flat surface until it has developed the image and dried. Otherwise you get a blurred mess. Yes, I remember polaroids – my aunt had one in the early 80’s. They were awesome. Technology is better than carbon dating at aging someone, right?!]


I layered one coat of this over one coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather. Liquid Leather isn’t opaque in one coat, but with a thick top coat you can’t see that. The added glitter made this a surprisingly thick polish, but the glitter is so nice it was quite smooth despite that. This is mostly silver, but with the added blues, greenish yellow with a sprinkle of pink –  like a disco on my nails. I have two coats of Orly Sec’n’Dry top coat on, and it dried fast and smooth. Really impressed with that top coat, actually!

And a whole hand -wearing glove – photo. My hands are red. That’s because I’m cold.

Hand knitted fingerless gloves, from the Ashhurst Market. I love markets 🙂


And the whole hand with flash, and no gloves because it’s evening now and I’m much warmer – this shows the colours off pretty well, I think (click to enlarge photo if you want to see a bit more detail).

I’m really happy with this franken, and stoked I have the glitters – thanks Megan! I think I’ll put aside one of the green/blues and the green/yellow to try and create a holo, glittery, Floam-esque polish. It may not work. But it may…


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  1. I wish I could wear that to work, but they’d probably give me the evil eye and tell me ‘It’s not Proffessional…sigh..I need glitters that are light, because I light bright shiny things

    • the glitter IS light. Its the base thats dark. You put a light base on (nude, light pink, pale something) and put some of this on your fingertips. Still professional with a touch of the holo bling 😀

  2. Love it! We need pretty things on our nails to cheer our frozen hands up >_<
    -Del xx
    P.S. I totally want Floam too 😛

    • We sure do! I love the whole concept of Floam. Its not on top of my lust-list of polishes, but its on there! So if I could do something a little bit fan-girl reminiscent of it, I’ll be happy 😀

  3. oh I love that! dark & sparkly at the same time.

  4. I really like how this looks because the glitter really pops against the darker color.

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