Color Club Magnetic Force: Cop An Attitude: Swatch and Lesson :D

Good morning!

Today I have a bunch of hilarious photos of Color Clubs Magnetic Force nail polish, Cop An Attitude. Now, for your viewing amusement, I made almost every mistake in applying this polish that you can make, oh yeah on purpose *cough cough*. Ok, not on purpose. But I thought it made a good education lesson; well, it did for me anyway, and sharing is caring right?!

The lid shows the magnet pattern – wavy. Which translated to chevron stripes on me 🙂

Here it is, in all it’s bottled glory. Cop An Attitude is a bronze/copper polish with large copper shimmer which mostly stays hidden until you use the magnet: it reminds me a touch of China Glaze Harvest Moon – well, until you try the magnet (I’ll try a comparison sometime, for fun). The magnet is set in the removable lid, which has a little guide marker which is sometimes handy. These bottles aren’t full size, but look it (they’re 10 ml, not the normal 15 – so decent amount, but a little deceptive. You’re paying more for 2/3 of the usual Color Club polish amount). I bought this from a Unichem Pharmacy in Feilding for $20. I know, I know. But I do love the magnetic polishes. Marries nail polish with it’s beauty/art/texture/frippery-ness with science and geekiness, so it’s me to a T.

I’m no Magnet Polish Expert. As will become apparant-er. But every one I have tried is a little bit different. To save time, I’ll say I found these tips worked best for this polish, and gave me the best effect (on middle fingers of swatching hand, luckily).

*Put a coat on each nail, like normal, then go back and do a second, THICK coat, and imediately hold the magnet over that nail.

*Holding the magnet over the polish for 15 seconds seemed to work best on this polish

*If you do one thick coat and don’t hold it for long enough, you can get the effect I have on my little fingernail – eg not much of anything.


See.. pretty much no pattern. If this happens, just put another coat on and try again


*If you do one thick coat and hold for too long (about 30 seconds in this case), then the magnet can pull a large blob of polish straight off your nail. Which is AWESOME. But.. yeah, leaves this kind of look.

There’s a hole in my polish, dear Liza, dear Liza…

*Practice on your non-dominant hand first, if you’re taking photos. Then no one ‘needs’ to see your first attempts – but for your amusement, here it is 😀

Little, ring, and middle fingers I tried to make vertical stripes – and then I dinged my little finger nail. Index worked, but not so well because it was only one coat. Please ignore horrendous cuticles!

Overall, I liked this polish. It did make my nails look stumpy-short (especially the super-stumpy-short middle nail but hey, that’s fair right?!), but not too bad as the chevron stripes were pretty close together. Having the magnet in the handle is good, and wear time on this was very good. I didn’t have a top coat on this, and it wasn’t rough. Not shiny smooth, but not rough either. Removing this polish requires a touch of elbow grease – not as much as a glitter, but it’s a bit tougher than I thought it would be.

Whole hand photo… see what I mean about the short nails? 😀

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. I’ve been wanting to try this polish for so long! Looks great!

  2. This is so funny. I love that you shared all your don’ts!

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