Rivka Vanessa with A-England Dragon

As I’m sure I mentioned in my earlier post here, Rivka Vanessa is a gorgeous gold holographic nail polish with a strong green tinge. Something about the shade reminded me strongly of A-England Dragon (also swatched previously, here and here) – another sigh worthy green holographic, but a much darker colour green. As I had some tipwear on Vanessa (that sentence cracks me up. My family will get why), I decided to play around by adding stripes and spots of Dragon to my ring finger and thumb.

Fingers – please excuse the tipwear and mess, I was in a hurry to get these photos before heading off to market day for to sell our wares. (True story hehehe)

Rivka Vanessa and A-England Dragon

Whole hand.  These two photos were taken in the kitchen lighting before sunrise, so they show that shade change which both polishes get in the darker settings.

Whole lot together – taken in even dimmer conditions, hence the red toned fingers (I promise they weren’t like that in real life!) but also showing the gorgeous gold toned holographic rainbows that both Vanessa and Dragon have. These two were perfect together. They had the same density holographic shimmer, and the tones matched so well. I used striping tape with Dragon over it (then removed the striping tape) for my ring finger, and a dotting tool for my (really short, sorry) thumbnail. No top coat, and just one coat or dot blob of Dragon.

Slightly blurred to show that rainbow

And another photo…you can also see that I bumped the wet paint while cleaning up the Dragon. Oops. I also did a quick touch up of the Rivka Vanessa, to hide the tipwear. 🙂

And lastly, a whole hand shot out in the early morning non-direct sunlight. This is pretty colour accurate – although you can’t see the holographicness without the direct light – it’s a nice colour anyway. Then the holo explodes in the right light… aahhhh.

Have a great day, everyone 🙂




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  1. Wow, that is an amazing polish and the designs look really cool.

  2. My son Max just saw this pic over my shoulder and said, “Whoa, Mom, you need to do that!” It is pretty cool!


  3. Cute manicure! I am really interested in giving Englad polish a try. They look amazing.

    • I only have the one, but it’s amazing :D. I’ve only ever read good things about them, if only the exchange rate wasn’t so hideous I’d have more. Go, try one! Bet you’ll like it 😀

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