Layla Holographic Mercury Twilight and China Glaze Electrify – Swatches

My mother gets some awesome nail polish. I am proud that I may have influenced her into liking nail polish, but she has to take all the credit for her taste herself. And it’s great taste! Her recent nail polish haul included two Layla holographic polishes, two China Glazes, and a designer series OPI. See what I mean about the taste?! PLUS – she lets me borrow some, yay!

Layla Mercury Twilight and China Glaze Electrify

This is Layla Hologram Effect  Mercury Twilight, with an accent nail of China Glaze Electrify (from the Hunger Games collection). Three coats of both polishes, Orly In A Snap top coat.

Sigh, look at that holographic! Again, as with the other Layla super Holographic polishes, this was a tricky formula to work with – but even more so in this silver colour. I’d definitely recommend working from the outside edges to the middle, and don’t work this polish. If there’s a bald patch (and there will be for a few coats!), leave it until the next coat otherwise your brush will strip the rest of the polish off. And Tourettes-type swearing may occur. *cough*

China Glaze Electrify was much nicer than I thought it would be. This glitter was moderately sparse, but built well by three coats. You do sort of have to dab the glitter to where you want it, but that’s not tricky to do. It’s quite rough, and needs a nice top coat or two to smooth it out, and it’s worth all that. Plus, this would make a very festive top coat over another colour – multi use polish!

Oh, I must mention the removal, which is super hard, as you’d expect from a straight glitter polish. Soak a cotton ball in nail polish remover and press it onto your nails, then leave it on for a few minutes. Some people tear off 10 little strips of tin foil to hold the cotton balls in place, and that would probably work really well. If I ever get myself organised enough to try it, I’ll let you know for sure!

Close up of Mercury Twilight … oh how I love holographic polishes. *sigh*

I loved this combo – the delicate silver mega-holographic with the in-your-face gold and red glitter  was a huge contrast, and made both polishes really stand out next to each other.

Oh, and the Layla holographic is very easy to remove. Both wore moderately well on me; with minor tip wear but no chipping the next day. You can get China Glaze polishes everywhere online, I personally like Head2Toe Beauty, and if you are in NZ the only place I have so far found to get the Layla Hologram Effect polishes is Candy Girl – click on either of the names to be taken to their websites.

Have a lovely day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. you got me into nail polishes, I am hooked, and I am pleased to say, that I have passed that onto at least 4 other people, it is addictive and super fun, thankyou.

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