Cold Day Yesterday… Brrrrr

It was the first really cold day of winter yesterday, so I took these photos – this was about 8 a.m. The sun has shifted around (ok, ok, I know its the Earth’s axis tilting, but some figures of speech remain constant, even though they’re wrong) and these lovely long shadows appear in the winter mornings to sparkle on the frost.

It was cold. The water in the kids outdoor toys (like the ride-on tractor trailer) stayed frozen until lunchtime. I cleaned the condensation off the bathroom sunlight and it was frozen, so I had ice raining down on my head. Funny! I kept the fire going all day though, you’d better believe it ūüėÄ

I love the quality¬†of light in winter. The way the cold slaps your face and wakes you up faster than 10 cups of coffee. The¬†peace of winter, the stark deciduous trees,¬†and the way¬†it can go from calm to raging with storms and back again within a day. Most of all though, I like¬†having a free-standing fireplace to keep the house warm. I don’t like having frozen icicles for toes, but we can’t win ’em all, right?


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