Vertical Striped Gradient – inspired by Glitter She Wrote :)

Glitter She Wrote is an awesome nail polish blog, and recently Anna (the author!) posted a tutorial on gradient/striped/ombre nails… here. I haven’t been really taken with the whole hand ombre trend (yet!) but this.. this caught my attention.

This morning while playing with the OPI shatters (post here, or just scroll down one, you know you can heh heh heh), I really liked the red/white/silver/black power colours combo, and knew I wanted to try out the gradient mani with these.

So, following Anna’s tutorial, I used CR 58 (white creme), CR 113 (pewter/silver shimmer), CR 18 (red shimmer), and China Glaze Liquid Leather (black).

Whole hand photo..

And another whole hand photo. I know, this is rare, but I do like the effect, and seeing as it’s pretty messy – it is better at a distance 😉

I do like this! My one complaint is.. I made a big mess, and the black stained me shaggy cuticles. Badly. Sorry about that. Next time I won’t use black.. but I do really like this, and it made Mr Husband go ‘WOW!’ when he saw it, so double bonus there!


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  1. That looks AWESOME! Fantastic job, and thanks for linking to me. Any of the polish that ended up on your skin/cuticles will rub off next time you’re in a hot shower. Sweet nails!

  2. it is really eyecatching and striking, I just think I am far too lazy to do it and my hands shake too much

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