Depend Nail Polish 210 – Swatch

This is the first yellow I have ever bought. I have an Anna Sui yellow – but that was a gift. And I don’t use it, as it takes 4 years to dry. Smells pretty, though.

Let me bore you with a gratuitous explanation: my mother is Hungarian. I have inherited, from her, a very olive based skin tone. Olive to the point my (then) 2 year old neice who was learning her colours would point to all our hands going ‘pink’ (my sister), ‘pink’ (my other sister) ‘yellow’ (me). So.. yellow polish = scary beyond all reason.

And unfair, look at this little bottle of pretty silver microshimmery sunshine. (click any photo to enlarge if you so desire!)

And you can see the silver microshimmer.. pretty.

And then look at it on me..

These swatches are three coats, no top coat or base coat (am lazy today). This polish applied like butter *snigger* ok, I am just saying that because it’s butter coloured, this polish was a streaky streaky streak, but mostly levelled out at three coats. I have read that most yellows are streaky, so it’s a pigment issue, not a brand issue. Other than the streaks, it was really easy to apply, and didn’t run anywhere.

Whole hand photo… see? YELLOW! BAD! *yellow alert, yellow alert*

‘Tis the Return of the Olive Lobster…

I’m keeping it on, though. I am stubborn, and I want to not be scared of this colour.

I have, however, put some top coat on it…

All nails have Cover Band Sticks and Stones, except the ring fingernails which  are Color Club Wish Upon A Rock Star – with a clear car paint top coat (love that stuff, wish you could all try some!)

It hasn’t helped, much. Now I feel like I have exploded emoticons on my hands. My nails are the Secret Emoticon Burial Ground (well, it’s not secret now, we all know. oooops).

Next time I use this polish I am putting happy faces on.

I’m still glad I have this polish, and still in love with the Depend formula. Fast drying, easy applying, easy removal … I do want a bigger range from them, though. Postie Plus just doesn’t have that much… anyone else know where I can get them from? Its a great way to try new, scary, colours. 🙂

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  1. Hmm, I’m not a huge fan of yellows either but I do like how soft this one is. Very banana-milk 🙂 I thought about buying this one from Postie but then bought that orange one instead hehe. May have to go back though…
    I’m not too sure what it’s like down there, but I’ve come across Depend in a few pharmacies, especially Unichem. They’re the same price as at Postie too 🙂
    -Del xx

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