Revitanail Prized Platinum

Quick swatches of Revitanail Prized Platinum πŸ™‚

This was surprisingly sheer, and prettier than I thought. These swatches are three coats, no top coat.

I would think this nail polish is really bland without the sparkle – but with it, it’s a subtle non-boring nude polish. I tell ya again, though, it’s not platinum colour. What were they thinking when they named it?

Blurry to show the shimmer – which are tiny, but fire some very nice multi-colours.


I was a tiny bit annoyed at how sheer it was, at 3 coats there was still visible nail line, but it went on well, and dried really fast. It flirted with frost, but finished just in metallic territory instead (yay!) I’d say this is a nice fall-back polish for an emergency ‘oh-help-I-have-to-look-professional’ manicure!


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  1. Very pretty colour πŸ™‚ Where did you get this one again?
    -Del x

    • There’s a sort of cosmetics market/fair/expo thing that comes around approx once a year – they also sell perfumes. Badly advertised, but they go to the big stadiums.. and it looks really hokey, but it’s definitely worth going to. They must go to Auckland too.. I’ll see if I can dig up some info! This is so a colour you’d like. I’m starting to pick them now. It’s a golder version of the Kleancolor Frapaccina πŸ™‚

      • I always miss out on those things cos they always seem to be on weekends where I’m working! Butts! Hopefully I’ll manage to wrangle a day off next time they come around.
        And yes you’re very good at picking my colours! Haha! Although that’s actually not that difficult, as I tend to find something to love about every polish imaginable.

      • My hubby keeps an eye out for these sales, because I dont ever find out otherwise. Once you know about them though, you’re set! Next year.. or fingers crossed they come back sooner… hehehe yay for general polish liking! Me, if its a vampy or a rich purple, I’m all over that. πŸ˜€

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