Layla Ultra Violet: comparisons to other holographics.

Wow, now there’s a title that doesn’t roll off the tongue.

I thought I’d play around a little bit, and as I have a few ‘holographic’ nail polishes in a similar lilac colour to Layla’s Ultra Violet, I thought I’d compare them. These really show how awesome the Layla holographic effect is!

R – L: Fashion Addict, Magic Attraction, Ultra Violet, Prism

On my pinky I’m wearing China Glaze Prism – and hence the ‘ ‘ย around the word holographic. For some reason China Glaze said this range (Prismatic) is holographic. It isn’t. Its super pretty, but no rainbows in here!

China Glaze Prism

Ring finger is Layla Ultra Violet.. ahhh. See? THAT’S holographic. And linear – the holographic particles are so dense the rainbow forms in lines up and down the nail. (no bottle photo, sorry, my mother is right smart to keep this one in her possession heh heh heh – bottle here is C.C Fashion Addict)

Middle finger is Color Club Magic Attraction – this looks heaps more lilac in the bottle, on the nail it almost has a pink/coral tone to it. Very glittery and chunky, with a bright holographic effect – this is called scattered, as the particles are scattered throughout the nail. You’ll need a decent top coat for this one, to make it smooth.

Color Club Magic Attraction

And pointer finger is Color Club Fashion Addict. This is the closest to the Layla I have in terms of holographic effect, you can see it’s quite a different colour. The holo is much less prominant, it’s another linear holographic but a much more subtle one. I love this colour, but the Layla competely leaves it for dust ๐Ÿ˜€

Color Club Fashion Addict

Another photo? Ok! (Twist my rubber arm)

All of these are three coats for fairness, no top coat, Revlon base coat. They all went on well – except the Layla polish, as I mentioned in this post here. I didn’t let them dry, I just took them off again – but from memory none of these take a long time to dry. I actually really liked the effect of them all together, almost an inadvertant ombre – and I’ll be doing this again in the future, and leaving them on. ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. *sniffle* If only the Layla polishes weren’t so expensive! I want them so baaaad. Le sigh.
    In other news, I agree that it does look quite cool as an ombre mani ๐Ÿ˜€
    -Del x

    • Le sigh. Le LOL! I want them allll… too. And some of the GOSH ones, yes. Yes I do. I think the world would be better with nore holographicness.

      • *sniffles some more* The ones I always really wanted were the China Glaze OMG and Kaleidoscope ones. But it’s damn near impossible to find them now. Why do they discontinue them?! They’re so mean.
        Some of the GOSH ones look AMAZING! I think if the world had more holographic nail polish, there would be no war…

      • They are mean! But I saw a comparison post, and the Layla and Gosh silver left the OMG in the dust. So haha for the meanies! They need to bring out better, cheaper ones.. and never discontinue. Then there would definitely be no war. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • It makes me sad when they discontinue things. What about us poor noobs who weren’t into polish when they bought them out?! WHAT ABOUT US?!
        Lol !

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