French Nail Polish Alternatives and Ideas

There’s a back story, and it goes like this. My husband and I were discussing how much we disliked french nail polishes, and shortly thereafter my cousin mentioned how much she liked them. Now, no one’s wrong here. A nice french polish can make your hands look healthy, and certainly natural and pretty. For me, personally, I think it looks a bit outdated and artificial – and it’s a bit like spending $160 on an invisible haircut. Yet people do that too… each to their own, I say!

However it got me thinking.. there are quite a few alternatives to the classic french nail polish out there, maybe I should compile a few? Just sticking with the classic colour scheme, for now at any rate! So I did, and didn’t enjoy it much, and took photos … and then discovered my darling eldest child had changed all the settings on my camera, and I had to start all over again. Snarl.

These were nasty manicures the first time around – and are SUPER awful now, but hopefully the ideas behind them are obvious!

Cotton bud and sponge- the only tools you need!

First up – a sponge attempt. Now you can see where I went overboard with the white, and my nails are just too short for this. It really looks funny. But it was very easy, and I’m keen to give it  a go with better colours. I just had a cotton bud dipped in remover ready and waiting, and clean up was super easy. And yes, I just hacked a piece of a new kitchen sponge, and used that. Kiwi ingenuity! One coat of pink (Color Club Get a Clue) , then sponged pink with white tip (CR 58), plus top coat. I also threw a glitter coat on my ring fingernail. Didn’t help…

And quite nasty looking. Eww. Still.. with practice..

Then came the nude polish with a sticker accent – I put this on very wet polish, and it oozed up over the sides. Don’t do this, and you’ll be fine. I quite liked this look, actually! Polish is L’Oreal Sand Dollar (highly sheer! Argh!) and the stickers were from the $2 shop.

Then I experimented with dotting – base coat of L’Oreal Sand Dollar,and the white was CR 58. The first one I meant to do a half moon as well as a dot nail tip and… well, I am cranky and sick, it didn’t work out well.

Then I framed my pinky with white dots – same polishes as before. This looked quite nice, I think.

Last but not least I tried my first framed manicure – well, ok, my second (thanks, child.) The white was CR 58, and the pink was Color Club Get a Clue. I should have taped off the tip. I did that the first time. But… I was in such a hurry, I just freehanded this, then did a freehand tip to clean up the edge. Looks bad, hey?! But the possibility of something quite nice is there – I like the combination, just too stark to be a ‘normal’ french polish. I wouldn’t wear it for long, though.

And there you go! Any other ideas out there? Apart from not giving up my day job? 😀

And the million dollar question: french polish, or no french polish?

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  1. I’ve never been much of a fan of French manicures, to me they always seem dated, tacky and (dare I say it), they remind me of really cheesy porn. >_<
    HOWEVER, I think you have come up with some really cool alternatives that wouldn't look so bleurgh on my little hands. I've always felt like my nails were too short and my hands too small for a normal French to look okay.
    I'm also kind of intrigued by the idea of a darker tip (for example a black tip over a nude polish), and the idea of mixing it up with two bolder colours rather than sticking to the traditional white, nudes and pinks.
    I really like your dotted frame!!
    -Del xx

    • Thats IT! Nailed it with the tacky porn, that’s EXACTLY it. Thanks, I couldn’t quite put it into words before :D. I might do some on the funky french alternatives, I just kinda wanted to make a post about a few ideas for a faux french, using the same colours. All trends come back around again, but I hope that one doesnt. Mind, apart from the China Glaze glitter crackle, I hate the crackles with a passion, too! The dotted frame was probably the easiest to do, and I quite liked it too (my sister laughed herself silly at it,so again, individual taste is important hehehehe)

      • Teigan and I aren’t fans of crackle either, I have one bottle of the stuff and I think I’ve used it once? Like it’s kind of a fun idea but it got sooooo overdone and everyone went batshit crazy for it. I’m a bit of a hipster so when things get too popular I get annoyed and develop a hatred for it.

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