Color Cosmetic 19 – Swatch and Nail Art

CR nail polish (from the Dollar Shop for $2 each) is a weird little brand. You can never guess what colours will be there, and what it will actually look like on the nail. More fun, says me. Lately there has been a run of shimmery metallic almost foil finishes, and number 19 here is no different.

It’s an apple green with a gold oversheen (they call this oversheen ‘flip’ in car paint. I think I’ll call it that, it has less letters than ‘oversheen’ hehe). It’s not a duochrome, you see both colours at all times. It’s a very spring-esque colour, I think. I also don’t follow trends – by choice as well as by budgetary necessity – so I’ll wear seasonal colours whenever I want 😀 These swatches are two coats over Revlon Color Stay base coat – and they dried fast, with only a few bubble on my pinky nail. No top coat here.

Please ignore the splitting nails! I dealt to them shortly after taking this photo – didn’t notice until the macro. Argh! 😀

I liked this colour on my far more than I thought I would! Something very fresh about it, and it didn’t give me lobster hands at all.

And… in a nice coincidence, the dotting tools I ordered off Ebay turned up! I blame Sugarmitten – she does magic with dots, and I think I’m hooked. I thought I’d try this with a variety of top coat effects, and see which I liked best.

So.. pinky nail had the Rokk96 Emerald shimmer – this was very subtle but had a nice effect (one coat). Then ring finger had rows of dots with Dreamy – the holographic top coat from Darling Diva Polish – this was also very subtle, but I really liked it too.

Then middle finger was Sticks and Stones by Cover Band (from Ninja Polish) – love love LOVE this – esp as the black bar glitter formed a twig pattern! There’s no way I could make it do that, but cute! Then I used ye olde dotting tool again to make flowers on my pointer nail – two goodish flowers and one Chernobyl Rose hehe. I think I liked this one best of all, talk about Spring-y! Its a nice day today, but we’re certainly falling into winter at great speed: this nail art makes me smile. The petals were China Glaze Make Some Noise, and the centres were Anna Sui 803. Ironic using a rose scented polish to make flowers with…

What are your favourites? I enjoyed this nail polish (and mucking around with the nail art) quite a lot. More than $2 worth, probably!

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  1. Great colour! I recently got some dotting tools too (I keep forgetting to post…) and have great fun playing with them ^_^ Today I actually wore some cherry blossom branches on my nails that I made using a striper and the dotting tools :3
    I hate when my nails start to split 😦
    -Del xx

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