Weekend Nail Haul

Ooooh lucky lucky me! I was given a bit of money, and I basically spent it all on nail polish. I may have  a problem. But… if I don’t have a problem with it, is it still a problem? 😀

First stop, Postie Plus:I bought 2 Depend polishes – No. 209 (red toned purple with multi coloured shimmer), and No. 210 (pale yellow with super fine silver and iridescent glitter). I LOVED the quality of the red Depend polish I bought, so back I went for more… they were $3 each

Then two Kleancolor polishes – Frapaccino (coffee coloured with shimmer) and Love is in the Air. I’m really excited about this one: I was VERY tempted to buy Jessica Rolling Rose, thanks to swatches from Scrangie – but this looks so similar. Fingers crossed! The Kleancolors were 2 for $8.

Last but not least I bought a Revlon Color Stay base coat – always need base coat- $3.

Then off to the $2 shop, were I picked up the shimmer orange and green CR polishes, and the nail art stickers.

And at a pharmacy I bought Coral Colours with no name on it, for sale for $4 – lovely aqua with super fine silver shimmer.

Today my lovely husband stopped off at a cosmetic sale in town, and I got these wee beauties:

Revlon Jaded Night ($6) and Revitanail Prized Platinum (it is NOT platinum. It’s bronze – $5).

and two Essie polishes: Coat Azure and Sew Psyched. I’m REALLY excited about these, I’ve wanted to try Essie for awhile – these were $8 each.

And I also went ahead and bought two linear holographic polishes from Ninja Polish – I’ll be waiting for those with eager anticipation! Yay! Now to wear and swatch these from order of least interest to most.. hehehe. Fun. I love organising. Shame I’m no good at it..


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  1. Oooh nice haul! *jealous* I’m on a ban atm because the husband starts a new job shortly and won’t be paid for two weeks. So I have to be restrained 😦
    I wore Kleancolor Frappuccino on my wedding day :D. Even though I don’t wear it too often these days, it still has a special place in my collection ^___^
    Can’t wait to see some swatches!!!
    -Del xx

    • That’s hard, hey! But congrats to him, and you’ll be back buying sooner than you think. This might give you a chance to swatch and post all those lovely polishes you got? 😀

      • I dunno, to swatch I actually need some daylight hours 😛 I’m always working and then on my days off the weather is too icky! I’d rather wait than post sub-standard swatches D:
        I’ve been told I’m a bit of a perfectionist…

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