Layla Magneffect: Ruby Red – Swatch

My mother has suddenly gotten into nail polish. And being the shy, retiring, tentative sort, she has got into it in a BIG way. I mean a HUGE, buy it online, buy it in shops, buy it everywhere kind of way. I come by my obsessions naturally, it turns out. She thinks it’s like jewellery for your nails, and you know what? She’s right.

She bought more Layla nail polish. She’s intense. She bought them from Candy Girl, a NZ nail polish site. Worth a check out if you are based here 🙂

She let me try one, before she had tried it! That’s love, right? And this is Ruby Red, a magnetic polish from Layla – two coats and top coat. It lasted a lot longer without chipping than my other Layla magnetic polish (Purple Galaxy), and I think that was because I used the Revlon Color Stay Bonding Colour base coat – it just seemed to go on, and stick better, than with my normal Designer Brands base coat.

Layla Ruby Red and rosemary.. there’s a song in that, somewhere! 😀

Now, I have some not-quite colour accurate photos here, but they do show the effect. This sort of orange/red is what it looks like in dim indoor lighting.

This whole hand shot is more colour accurate – esp with the outdoor light (it’s indoors, but by a window). Plus, you can really see the stripes at a distance 😀

And again, this pink/red is pretty much the colour seen most of the time.

Check out how shiny this is! All these were two coats plus top coat (Orly In A Snap), but this ring finger I put another fast dry top coat on. And it was awesome.

It was also car paint. Car top coat paint, to be precise. Worked well though, and came off fine with normal nail polish remover: the top coat didn’t dissolve polish, nail, OR finger, so.. probably ok as long as I don’t touch it to my skin. heh heh heh (my mother’s going to nag me now, just wait…)


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  1. I think your obsessive nature just rubbed onto me, remember, I am just a shy retiring type of person??

  2. You’re both inspiring with your crazy, though! And, the odds of someone mugging you for your fingernails are decidedly less than for jewellery 🙂

    • Contagious. Apparantly we’re contagious with our crazy 😀 That’s a good point with the mugging! Plus, if you file your nails flat you can scratch any potential mugger REALLY hard. Win!

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