Orly Fowl Play- Swatches

Here it is! The last of my nail mail from Head2Toe Beauty – I saved this for last. And… as it turns out, I like both Layla polishes (the holographic and the magnetic) AND Megan’s Polish better. But I do really, really like this and I’m super pleased I finally bought it.

Orly Fowl Play is from their fairly recent-ish Birds of a Feather collection – I also have Nite Owl and love that one, too. This is apparantly a close sibling polish to OPI Merry Midnight, but with *more* of the goodies. It’s a dark reddish based purple jelly just loaded with red/gold flakies and blue/purple glitter. The glitter doesn’t shine all of the time, it just flashes every now and again to catch your eye. It looks like there is something else in there, a similar purple toned shimmer, but my eyes just aint that good. If someone knows, please tell me! (click on a photo to enlarge, if you wish).

Three coats in this indoor photo!

This is two coats, and top coat. Over a base coat today – I tried it yesterday, needed 3 coats without the base coat, and then wouldn’t dry. I smudged it, and chipped it, and then took it off – and my nails looked like berries. Moral of the story? Use base coat. It looks fine with two coats (over the clear base) and dries at a good rate, too. Formula was great, applied really well with highly minimal clean up required – and that only because I’m clumsy 🙂

I really do like this polish! These purples look so nice, vampy without being OTT or goth (I do like me some OTT and some goth, but it’s nice to vary, right?) and suit my olive skin tone nicely. It’s really eye catching, the flakies keep glistening and the blue just pops out to say hello at odd moments, a busy polish, and a fascinating one. It was also really easy to remove, always a bonus!

Whole hand photo – poor indoor lighting, looks more colourful in the daylight.

I think I saw a duochrome effect too, yesterday – the red purple seemed to go a much deeper purple on the angle. I’ll tried to catch it again when the sun comes up today.

This is the red/purple jelly you mostly see, face on…

It’s not a true duochrome, more like an optical illusion, but I’ll take that thanks 😉

See how the closer fingernail looks the same red/purple – while the middle finger looks bluer on that angle? I think it’s the glitter…


Have a great day

Ami 🙂


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  1. Pretty ^___^
    -Del xx
    How many rings do you own?! :O

    • Thanks! Um, I don’t know? Not many pricey ones, but loads of ones I’ve made or bought cheap 🙂 I’m a bona fide magpie… you should see the rest of my jewellery collection 😀

      • You should take some photos to show me :3 My husband is always saying that I have too much jewellery, but I’m mostly invested in earrings that I’ve made myself. I don’t have that many rings… Which is weird because I love them! :O

      • heh, I could do that. Most of mine I made myself, but I have some really nice pieces too… I give a lot away though, I just can’t wear it all. I’d be a jeweller if I could. Rings are my fav things, but they can get in the way, thats for sure!

  2. Is it odd that I instantly thought of your chickens when I saw this post?
    Love the colour. I have a soft spot for Orly polishes :3
    ❤ maSucree

    • Ooh I would LOVE to have a purple flakey chicken! Well, they’re all quite flakey 😀 Me too – they’re bigger, the handles are AMAZING, and though they take a bit longer to dry, they’re worth it. 🙂

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