Layla Magneffect Purple Galaxy – Swatch

The final in the haul my sister C and mother bought me.. and it’s a beauty.ย  I’ve never used a magnetic polish before, and boy was I looking forward to this one!

Ooh blurry, sorry!

So easy! Ok, I *may* have touched the magnet to two nails on my right hand, but hey, it was my first attempt. And some of them I didn’t get as close to, so the lines aren’t as strong but… that had better not be complaining. If anyone is complaining I’m pulling over this blog RIGHT NOW and waiting until it stops, ok?! OK!


My cuticles are beyond horrible – I moisturise a million times and I can’t get on top of them, lately! Sorrrryyy!

This was two coats, they were moderately thick but applied really well. I did the first like a normal mani: paint-paint-paint, done. Then I went back for the second coat, did the little finger on my right hand, then immediately held the magnet (in the lid, you have to scrape off the polish on the brush well first or it runs down into the lid, no biggie though) and wait for 5 seconds (because I read instructions. It says 5 seconds on the back :D) and then move onto the next finger, so on. Yes, it took a fraction longer than a normal polish, but it was heaps of fun and had quite a dramatic result.

Look at the awesome blurry stripes!

I really like the effect! You can change the orientation of the lines depending on how you hold the magnet too. This slightly diagonal horizontal stiping makes my nails look long! Whoop! I’m so getting more of these.

Almost looks like a feather, seen up close.

Then of COURSE, I had to put something on the top, so I chose the ROKK96 polish with the purple and silver shimmer. One coat of that over the Purple Galaxy (awesome name, Layla!) and I really, REALLY liked this.

There was no top coat over this (scared of top coat now, after the Layla Ocean Rush fiasco), but this dried SO fast. Within 6 minutes I was around doing normal household stuff, and there are no dings. There is some tip wear today, so it won’t be a long wearing polish on me, but wow I love it.

These kinds of purples are my all time, hands down, favourite. They just suit me so well! Thanks heaps, my awesome family, for these gorgeous polishes. Whheeeeee! ๐Ÿ˜€


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  1. looks awesome, pwetty colour too

  2. I love this, it looks amazing. so funky.

  3. So pretty! I seriously seriously need some Laylas now, their holographics and magneffects polishes look great. They do some beautiful colours too ๐Ÿ˜€
    -Del xx

    • I’ve only seen them on Candygirl, and *wince* at the prices! I’ve just ordered two more holos – one a Rivka one, and one Up Colours. I’m really excited about them, too! They;d be cheaper if they are equivalent coolness (approx $15 NZ each incl shipping) – from Ninja Polishes of course. ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. Way too cool! We “blind wives” need to come visit you someday, and you can practice on us!


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