Megan’s Polish.

After my many mani fails of the day (yesterday), I really wanted to stick with the blue theme and try out this polish.

Megan from Two Lacquered Girls made me this franken polish as part of the swap-for-butterflies we did. And wow is it a beauty.

Megan’s Polish (named by me :D)

Its a turquoise/teal blue almost foil base with fine light blue and red glitter, and mid size hex glitter in the same red and blue. I love it to absolute bits. I have nothing similar to this colour, and I think the red and blue glitter look like neon tetra fish in a pond.

More photos? Ok! The sun was almost at setting point, but the colours are pretty accurate. An interesting this about this polish is that it looks very similar no matter the light, it doesn’t change like quite a few do. These photos are two coats, and quick dry top coat.

And a whole hand photo…

Megan made this polish up in less than 5 mins while we were chatting on Facebook. The girl has talent. She seems a little unsure about whether she should make her own polishes to sell.. I think that she should really, really give it a go. I’d buy some, for sure! 😀

Have a great day, with no mani fails 🙂


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  1. Ooh, very pretty! Megan should definitely start selling her polishes ^_^ That’s a pretty neat colour combo for the glitter, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blue base with red and blue glitter 🙂
    -Del xx

  2. That color looks great with your skin tone. I got a blue the other day, but it was just the wrooooong shade. I need to return it, and find one more like this, more of a teal. I think we have similar skin tones.


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