Layla Hologram Effect: Ocean Rush – Swatches

I couldn’t wait any longer, I had to try on this nail polish that my sister C bought me, and my mother brought back from Australia. Thank you, both of you! (again, yes, I know, but I’m stoked!)

This is Layla Hologram Effect nail polish in 07 Ocean Rush. This is a spectacularly holographic blue polish, which looks straight mid blue in the bottle, but has a very ocean / teal tinge to it on the nail.

This is three coats, and top coat. The application was… veddy veddy picky. I buffed first with the buffer that came with the polish; I didn’t put a base coat down in case it reacted, but I did put a top coat (the L’Oreal quick dry) on top as I was in a hurry and  I’ve never had a problem with holos before. Well, I can’t say that anymore! First up the texture was a bit sheer, and it just applied in patches everywhere. And there were lumps in the polish – mostly they could be scooped off with the brush. And it pulled (I’m impatient: I can’t just blame my tools here, I should have waited longer in between coats). And THEN, the top coat made weird white patches appear!

Shade photo- shows the blue colour and the horrible effects – dings included (dry time was moderately slow)

I was so sad, because this is a STUNNING beyond belief polish. It is worth all the aggravation and more. It is a perfect ocean blue, and I’ve never, ever, seen anything as holographic as this.

There’s no trickery here – this is how it looked in the sunlight. :O

I am really looking forward to wearing this again. When I have an hour to let the coats dry etc. And then I’m going to stare at my nails alllllll day.

Wouldn’t you?!

There is some cute instructions on the back too, including: “Apply Hologram Effect nail polish wait 30″ to obtain a spectacular holographic result.” Now, I’m pretty sure ” is inches: ‘ being the symbol for a foot. I’m not used to imperial measurements (especially of length), but I think that’s right. Maybe that was the problem, I should have waited for 30 inches. I’d be waiting quite awhile, I’d imagine. (snigger)


I loved this polish. If you can get your hands on one of theseLayla hologram polishes, and you’re a fan of holographic polishes,  then grab it as fast as you can. There has been some confusing polishes labelled as holographic – especially the flakies and the iridescent or multi coloured glitters; but THIS is a holographic polish. Wow.

Thanks again, G and C! You guys are legendary. 🙂


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  1. Arghhhh that’s friggen beautiful! Do want! I feel sad, I have around 400 nail polishes (I say around because I don’t actually know anymore), but absolutely no proper holos. I need some. I NEED THEM NOW! I’ve had my eye on the Layla ones, maybe it’s time I caved and got one…
    -Del xx

    • Am I going to be a bad influence if I say GET ONE! Because I want to.. I love holos, I have quite a few, and I’ve never seen anything like this. I know they exist, but this is amazing. Where have you seen them that we can get them here? I’m keen for more, eventually. 🙂

  2. umm, maybe having a family connection in Melbourne may just get you a few more Holo’s, just a thought? Tempting isn’t it?
    ps 12″ equals 1 foot, I know this because I am old.

    • hehehe I’m hoping quietly that might happen – but I won’t be counting on anything! 😀 So.. 30 inches will be… 2 and a bit feet? I won’t be waiting around for that, no sir 😉

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