Homekill chicken update

Thank you, Roaster the Rooster.

You were most delicious.

I slow cooked him in the crockpot over crunched up tin foil – which makes them crispy, but gives a slight rotisserie flavour – with stuffing and rosemary under the skin (3.5 hours on HIGH). It was definitely denser and more filling than regular supermarket chicken, which I was expecting due to his very active life. He also had the longest leg bones (and biggest drumstick meat!) I’ve EVER seen.

This is my meal – I have the white meat, Mr Husband has the red. Jack Spratt, anyone? 😀

I’m feeling pretty happy about this, all considered – what we didn’t eat the dog did (basically just some picked over pieces my kids dropped: sorry pooch, but you do have your own food), and she had the raw chicken neck. I’m about to freeze the carcass to make stock with, later. Feeling all River Cottage here tonight! Yay!


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  1. Yummy you’re making me hungry! Maybe I should get on to making dinner…

  2. Looks yummy! Our chickens are still in the freezer—I needed some time between the act and the eating. I’m totally stealing your tin foil in the crockpot trick!

    • I think it was certainly easier for me, not being part of the killing side of things. I definitely thought I’d be more squeamish, though! The crockpot worked so well, though next time I think I’d finish it off in the oven – I just sometimes feel that rotisserie taste is a bit blah. Let me know how yummy your birds are! 🙂

  3. And so between the two of you… =D

    I’ve never heard of putting foil in the slow cooker. I will give that a shot!


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