Brag post… involves homekill chicken and fudge photos…

I am so proud of my husband today! We’ve talked about killing our own chickens before, but never got around to it. Well, today he did it!

Lets clarify something first…  this was a rooster I have had since he was 5 days old. I bought his mum with 10 chicks at foot – they were all so cute and fuzzy. They’ve had a great time here; she’s an awesome mum and they all made it to adulthood. This particular guy was part Orpington, and he was big. I’ve been getting rid of the roosters to good homes when I can, but then last week I saw this rooster attack a hen. Now, I won’t have a mean animal around. Definitely not a mean rooster. So, at that point I mentioned to Mr Husband that maybe we could try to kill and eat him.

And he did. If anyone is brave enough, the rooster in question was the one peeking at me over the deck in a previous photo post, here.

This is what he looks like now..

I sense a slow cooked chicken meal in our future…

Ok, some people may be grossed out by this, and I apologise. But I am SO proud of Mr Husband for doing this: he killed him quickly and cleanly, there was no fuss or struggle – rooster didnt know what was happening . He had a great life here, free-ranging and doing great things, and now he won’t be picking on my other chickens any more. It is HARD to kill something. Its very hard to look a living creature in the eye, and make the decision to turn it into a dead creature. Still, we will not waste any of the chicken, and I do really feel that this is a much more ethical way to get meat than picking up a pack of horribly mistreated and awfully killed styrofoam packaged semi-food from a supermarket, and pretending it wasn’t an animal to start with. I also think it SHOULD be hard to kill them: that act should always have weight – life and death should never be cheap.

And then, just when I thought I couldn’t be prouder of hubby (he not only killed but dressed and prepared the rooster, too), I see him making fudge on top of our fireplace, and teaching (safely) our eldest son how to do it. Cute!

Please ignore the mess!

Have a great weekend!


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  1. I am proud of him too, soo hard to do, but if you eat meat, then you should know where it comes from. Good on you both.

  2. theclassyanarchist

    This is absolutely the best way to eat meat, aside from hunting (with as quick, efficient, and painless method as possible). That rooster lived a good life, and this is the most responsible way to consume meat (buy killing it ourselves). Getting meat ought not be so easy. While I do buy store-bought meat, it is only the organic kind, or brands that have some sort of ethical certification. And I’m happy to pay the extra few dollars for it.

    You and your husband are awesome! 🙂 The animals of the world thank you!

    • I completely agree with the trying to source ethical meat! I try and get mine either swapsie for homekill, or from a butcher in town who does farmkill. I visited an abattoir when I was 14, and was vegetarian for 4 years after that. Its not the killing, it’s how it’s done. I am always happy to pay a bit more, and if I cant, to make heaps more vege based meals for my family. Yum. I think a fishing trip might be up next…for food, not for sport.Thank you for your lovely words!

  3. Congrats on being so awesome – not many people are okay with facing up to how they get their meat. I think it’s great that you and the husband understand the weight of it 🙂
    On a related note, he does look rather suspicious and stalkery in that photo…. Spying on you over the deck….
    I hope he’s tasty 🙂 He had a good life with you, the least you can do is make the most of his death!
    -Del xx
    P.S. I’m also super impressed by the boys making fudge! My boys can barely cook 2 minute noodles without making a mess and asking me if it’s been long enough… XD

    • Ooh he’s smelling REALLY good! He won;t be wasted, that’s for sure. My eldest saw the tail end of the butchery process, and he’s still keen on a drumstick. Circle of life kids, I’m happy about that. hehehe he WAS so a stalker. And a big old bully. And now, dinner! Cirrrrcclllee of liiffeeeee…. 😀

  4. I’m so proud of you guys!!! this is part of the point isn’t it? You gave him an amazing life that’s just how life goes! This is super humane and the way it should be really!!! Good on you!

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