Quick Rokk96 on Black Swatch – bad photos!

My fantastic mother brought me two Rokk96 polishes back from her holiday, and I had to put them on straight away. I also knew that these were fairly sparse glitter in a clear base, and would take approximately 8,767,609,826,874,255,343 coats to become anything like opaque – at which point my hands would weigh 5 kgs each. So, when this happens, do you despair? No! You do not! You rejoice, as you have in your hands the perfect layering polish.

My camera is sad. It won’t focus properly. I apologise for the terrible photos, and I’ll make it up later I promise! I used China Glaze Liquid Leather as the base colour (two coats), and it ended up with tip wear overnight. Sigh. Beautiful black, cr*ppily short wear time. Then I put one coat of Sequin (the magenta polish) and Emerald (um, yes, the green!) over each other, on top of the black, and a top coat – L’Oreal Quick Dry.

And thats when I noticed – these aren’t a glitter polish at all, it’s a SHIMMER. The particles are very fine, very smooth, and very small. Not a microshimmer, but much smaller than I was expecting. I love this colour combination, it’s almost galactic over the black. The dry time was quick. Sequin also has fine silver shimmer, though it is predominantly purple – just gorgeous.

I can think of so many things to layer these over! How awesome. Thanks again, G, love you heaps and thank you for thinking of me on your holiday, and bringing me presents! Wheeee!


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  1. Your mother knew exactly what to get you! it is so wonderful to get gifts, but more importantly, it means someone was thinking of you.

  2. What a great layering job. I usually never think of layering nail polishes but I should start experimenting. I do have a lot of glitters/shimmers like this that could work.

    • It’s a pretty recent thing for me – just from reading other peoples blogs, I think. When I think of the amount of polish I’ve given away because I couldnt wear it on it’s own… *facepalm*. Its so much fun, experimenting!

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