Julep Melissa over Black Polish – add striping tape! :)

As soon as I saw this polish, I knew I wanted to layer it over black. I knew it would pick up the green shimmer, but I was very surprised at just how explosively colourful this was!

First off, I painted two coats of China Glaze Liquid Leather, and top coat. Then I randomly placed striping tape across that (when it was dry!), and added one coat of Julep Melissa over the tape, then peeled the tape off. I left my middle finger as the accent nail, and added two pieces of tape across the top – inspired by the lovely Marta of Chit Chat Nails – ok, pretty much just straight out fangirl copy, but nowhere near as neatly done 😀  – check out her striping nail art here! And this was my result..

Melissa over Liquid Leather


I enjoyed this! I love how teal Melissa went when layered over black. What I didn’t love was how nasty it was to apply – it flooded, pooled AND pulled, and I found it impossible to get an even layer. Luckily it’s really pretty, and it dried fast, or it may have gone for a sail across the room: it was just that annoying.

The other thing I had problems with was the tape! The holo green tape on my accent fingers eroded away to nothing within 3 hours (even with top coat), and split down the middle while using it. Sad, because its HOLOGRAPHIC, which is seriously cool. Hopefully  it will be salvageable. The other annoyance was the tape I was using to create the stripes – I had overhanging bits so I could whip it off easily after I painted it. But… those dangly bits dingled in the wet nail polish of the other hand. Ah well. Art is pain, right? 😀

And here’s a whole hand photo: because of the running/pooling/dingling issues, this mani looked HEAPS better at a distance *beams*

So, what do  you think? This teal colour strongly reminds me of the iridescence on my black Orpington chickens feathers. See?

Betty – one of my black orpington chickens 🙂

I’ve been wanting to find something that colour for ages, so I’m very happy about this! Thanks for the polish, Megan, I really appreciate it (even though I whinge lots hehehe)


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  1. I still haven’t used my stripping tape and this inspires me to do it! Since I just cut my nails down to the nub, I have less space to play with designs so I guess I will have to wait until they grow out a little. Your mani looks super cute.

    • Thank you! I have no nails, I have to keep cutting them back so I can play the guitar. Well, try to play the guitar. Experiment, some designs make nails look longer, there’s a win! 😀

  2. Pretty! I had no idea they made striping tape for nails. How fun. I love your rings!


    • It’s pretty new to me, too, but much easier than trying to cut up normal sticky tape to do the job 😀 Thank you! I have too much jewellery, and keep making more, because I’m a complete magpie 😀

  3. Um, forget the polish. I want your rings!

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