Julep Anne + Nail Art

I showed off my latest nail mail from Megan yesterday, and this was the first polish I tried from that group.

Before I start, let me explain a quirk of mine. When I get nail polish I look at them, then arrange them from ‘not-as-exciting-probably’ to ‘highly-exciting-indeed’, then try them in that order. I learnt to do it with food, save my favourites for last, and it turns out I do it with everything now! Sad, huh. None of these polishes were ‘not exciting’  (is there a polish that is not exciting?!), but Anne with her mid purple creme seemed a safe bet, rather than wildly exciting. So, here it is!

I was excited to try these Julep polishes, I’ve read a lot about them. The formula on this was good, dry time was pretty good, I’d guess it has a tiny bit of neon in it somewhere: it’s not neon, but it dries fast and matte-ish. I’m having slight camera focusing issues, I apologise. This photo was two coats, no top coat.

Then, because I have Sticks and Stones, and I also recently bought striping tape (yay!), I upgraded the polish with these things.

This is diagonal striped tape, Sticks and Stones (by Cover Band) on the top half, and the accent nail had two Pearlies and a Blingy. They didn’t stick very well, which was good because the crookedness of the line was driving me crazy. It was a fun look for a little bit, though! This had top coat over it 🙂

And the whole hand photo..


I like the set up, with the tape and half  Sticks and Stones. The striping tape peeled off after a few hours (even with top coat! Wah!) but it still looked good, even without it. The ring is a Warm Fuzzy ring I made on one of our craft nights. I have earrings too 😀

Have a great day!

Ami 🙂


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  1. Amazing! How can i get the Sticks and Stones in Romania? Any idea?

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