May 12th: Something that makes you happy

Photo-A-Day May 12: Something that makes you happy.

Look at this lot! I haven’t tried them all, yet, but boy they make me happy. 🙂


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  1. Haha! My “something that makes me happy” was polish too of course!

  2. A collection like that would also make me happy! What is the holo one?

    • The grey or the green? 😀 The green is A-England Dragon, the grey/silver is Dreamy, by Darling Diva Polish (on Etsy) – it’s an awesome holo top coat that you can put over any colour you want. 🙂

      • The silver one…of course it had to be one of those etsy polishes! Is it hard to get? Because if it is one of those, then my love just dissipated. lol

      • It wasn’t, no! I have a link to her shop in my post on this, erm, type Dreamy in the search and it should come up with it. But I got it, all the way here in NZ, with no hassle at all, so thats pretty easy! I’m the same – adore these polishes but then can’t get them, or cant get them here, then I un-adore them mighty fast 😀

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