L.A.Colors Cranberry Red and Cover Band Sticks and Stones!

A-England Dragon was one of the polishes I purchased through Ninja Polish, and Cover Band Sticks and Stones was the other!

Now, I’m a realistic sort of person. There is a large amount of evidence out there to suggest I will never be able to get Lynderella’s Connect The Dots, and… there are very similar polishes. I saw a comparison swatch with this, Lynderella’s, and another, and I preferred Sticks and Stones. So I bought it! And I’m happy I did. (I’ll track down that swatch when my computer is feeling better, and post the link). Edit: Found that site! Click here to go have a look, My Lucid Bubble compares Connect the Dots, Sticks and Stones, and Putting on the Ritzzzz 😉

I knew I wanted to layer it over red first, for the power colour combo effect.

So here is L.A. Colors Cranberry Red, a creme jelly in the best shade of red for me ever. LOVE. Two coats and top coat.

Then with one coat of Sticks and Stones, plus another top coat. Like Connect The Dots, this polish is a clear base with small amount of sparkly glitter, but large amounts of bar, small square, and larger hexagon non-glitter in black and white.

You see the random effect? Some have not much dots, some have heaps – LOVE that look.

And another photo – these were natural light, overcast but not raining. This polish did require a little bit of poking with the brush to arrange the glitter, but very little.

And this is under the kitchen light

And a whole-hand shot. Yes, at a distance you can totally see the graffitt effect. I almost walked into a wall because I was looking at my hands, and not where I was going.

Yay, what a cool polish! The one thing I love about this and Darling Diva Polish’s Dreamy is how far they can extend the polishes you already have. They encourage you to wear what you have an love, rather than just buying another polish to then feel guilty about not having enough fingers to wear… so, highly recommend these top coat effects polishes, just for that.

Have a great day!



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  1. LOVE Sticks and Stones!!!!! I’ve been lusting after Connect the Dots for forever, I’m so happy you’ve found me an alternative :3 you’re the best Ami!!
    -Del xx
    P.S. Freaking love your rings again today 😀

  2. That has such a cool paint-splatter effect!

  3. I need it I need it I need it! I have been lusting after Connect the Dots for forever and I didn’t even know about Sticks and Stones! Ami, you’re fantastic!!! ❤ I think we know what will be on my wishlist for next payday 😀
    -Del xx

    • Oooh goodie! Order! Get! Enjoy! I do like this better than Connect the Dots, so thats a win for me 😀 When I first found it on Ninja Polish it wasn’t in stock, but I put my name down to be emailed and it was only a few weeks later that they did 🙂

  4. First, I really like the full hand shot. Second, that freaking top coat is so delightfully 80s retro. I love it!


  5. This is so pretty. Love the color combo. But this is the question I always ask about glitters: is this one a super pain in the butt to remove?

    • thanks! Not as PITA as many glitters, because its only a top coat. I found that I left the cotton ball (with remover on it) on each nail for about 30 seconds, and most of it came off. Some of the larger pieces needed a bit of a scrub, or a flick with another fingernail heheh oops, and then done! 🙂

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