I’ve finally got an A-England!! This is Dragon… Swatches and Drool.

I bought two polishes from Ninja Polish (website here), and this is one. I was so excited, and it didn’t let me down. This is Dragon from A-England, and it’s gorgeous.Bottle shot…


And bottle shot showing this dusty gold film this polish has. Totally shows up on the nail as a gold sheen at the right angle overlaying the center.


In the shade this is a gorgeous, faded green – sitting somewhere between forest and camo to my eye. It looks really true forest green in these photos, because of the extreme close up. But there is a dustiness to this which is so appealing and wearable, even when the holographicity (is SO a word. See? It’s written right there!) isn’t showing up.

Please excuse my ragged cuticles, I’m embarking on a massive moisturising bender, its needed!


These photos are all two coats over a base coat,  with top coat as well. It was wearable and pretty at one coat, but two just deepened the green that little bit more. Dragon is 13ml, so full sized (though slightly smaller than the average OPI etc which are 15ml), so no panic over running out like there is with the Glitter Gal’s and other mini bottles out there.

in the sunshine…

Dry time was great, wear has been excellent. I put it on this morning, but I’ve said it before and will no doubt say it again, I’m HARD on my hands. I have some tip wear, but nothing too bad, and no chips at all. Thats good going for me!

I took a heap of photos from different angles, trying to get all the shades and sparkles to come out and play.


And another for luck!

Feeling lucky, yet? I am! 😀


Ninja Polish was good to deal with, they bubble wrapped the polishes well, and postage was great, arrived in a week. Dragon I love… I had to get it because of the name, as well – but I am so pleased I chose this one. Great formula, perfect colour, awesome-ness all the way around. I want them all, now. I knew I would! Sometimes I hate it when I’m right…

I have been leaving these photos bigger, do you prefer them this size, or smaller?






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  1. omgosh!!! I keep dribbling over AEngland *sob*
    ❤ MaSucree

    • I know the feeling! There, there *pat pat*
      I had to raid the piggy bank for this one, but it came back to being about $15 for this (NZ dollars), inc shipping. Thats not bad at all considering the OPI/Orly/Sally Hansen/Butter London prices. And worth it. SOooooo worth it.

      • Damn you and your nail polish stores! I went to polish ninja and I already have picked out the AEnglands I want XD What would I do without you?

      • You would probably have more money? 😀 My humble apologies to you, your hubby, and your wallet! Ooh but enjoy them when you get them! 😀

      • I’m going to have to be a bit more restrained this time as I am already expecting my second head2toe order 😮
        My Gabby and my wallet are very kind and understanding when it comes to nail polish XD
        ❤ MaSucree

  2. Up until this moment, I have never had a second where I’ve been like “wow, I need a green nailpolish”. Well now I have. so beautiful.

    • I think that’s the biggest compliment you could pay me! Thank you! I’m going to try and get a photo of how it looks on your nails – it does look like this, if you have your fingers up by your eyes. Thats always my biggest disapointment with seeing polishes after the swatch… nails aren’t as big as my head in real life 😀 But thank you for reading and commenting! This IS a stunning polish 😉

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