A-England Dragon – full hand swatches

I just had the nicest compliment paid by Morganvsmorgan on the Dragon photos. And it made me think that I’m doing these swatches a bit wrong. Well, not wrong, but not completely right and fairly, either.

I have often had the experience of falling for a polish because of a swatch, tracking down numerous other swatches and reviews, and then buying it, only to be a leeeetle bit disapointed. These close up photos do show the polish in all it’s amazingness, usually, but.. they are also so big, and often you cannot see that detail at arms length (which, after all, is where our hands normally are, right?!). So I thought I should add some arms length photos, just to show how it might look at a distance. Not so pretty, or arty, but – I think – fair.

Now lighting will be different for everyone, as will your skin tone, which is where the close up photos come into their own. And with a polish this beautiful, it’s quite likely you will have your nails up in front of your eyes a lot, or is that just me? 😀

So this is inside, overcast day, dim lighting.

And this one is in the kitchen, incandescent overhead light, moderately dim. This is pretty colour accurate to what I see during most of the day. Theres the dusty mid green I mentioned, and the gold oversheen. Although no holographic sparkle is visible at this distance, it’s still very flattering on because it’s not so stark.

bit out of focus, sorry!

So, any feedback on this idea? I thought I might try it with every polish for a while, see what it looks like. It does mean you have to see my whole hands, knotty knuckles and long fingers and all; is it worth the trade off?


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  1. Your hands look lovely! I once had someone confuse my finger nails with toe nails cause of how small my hands and nails are XD I think this is a good idea to show off your new polishes.
    ❤ MaSucree

  2. I like it! Your hands are perfectly lovely. You could maybe do a full hand shot, and then one of the nails close-up like you usually do.

    I adore the color, btw.


  3. Loving that colour!!!! I think I need it. There’s actually quite a few A-England polishes I want, but I think I’ll have to get them all slowly >_<
    Btw, I LOVE your rings 😉
    -Del xx

    • Oh, I agree. I drool over them, hence the title 😀
      And thank you, the green amethyst was the one I wore to get married with, I don’t wear these often but I love them 😀

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