Darling Diva Polish – Dreamy (holgraphic top coat) Swatch

It arrived! The first of the polishes I’ve bought from non-standardised outlets. An indie polish, if you will. Today, in the mail, there it was in all it’s glory.


And because there’s a lot of said glory, here’s another bottle photo.

I’m still wearing China Glaze Stone Cold (swatched here), and thought I’d just pop another layer on and then the Dreamy top coat, and see what happens. Thought = deed, indeed.


This is three coats of Stone Cold (which only needs two coats, unless you have extreme tip wear and just want to cover all that ugly up), and one coat of Dreamy. You can click on any photo to enlarge it!

More in the sun

Dreamy is “a clear topcoat that produces a linear holo. My holo topcoat is different from the rest because I use 3 different holographic mediums. Two grades of Spectraflair (fine grade holo and the coarse grade holo) giving you a more complete color burst, and then a little shake of a super fine holo powder (not spectraflair) that gives you little starbursts within the linear holo.” – description taken straight from the listing on Darling Diva Polish’s shop on Etsy. Sweet, sweet Etsy. How I wish I was a gazillionaire.

Ahem. This polish is SO chocka full of holographic goodness that it looks silver. Over the charcoal of Stone Cold it added a thick silver sheen – in low light.

In shade / low light

But back in the sun…

Blurred a bit to show a bit more of the fire


I am going to make it my mission to take an accurate photo of this. I’ve never seen a holographic like it. I showed Mr Husband, and he just grabbed my hand and stared at my nails. This. Never. Happens. Can’t blame him, it’s mesmerising. And he too was a bit sad that the holo didn’t show up in the photos anything like the real life version. Lets say..easily double, perhaps triple holographic in real life than here. In the bright sunshine 🙂

Super close-up!

I am really looking forward to putting this over something else, and also looking forward to being out in the sun again. It’s a SERIOUSLY AMAZING POLISH. Check out her shop on Etsy, here. All up, polish and shipping, cost me a bit under NZ$22. which is $4 less then they sell OPI for, here. Bargain of the year so far, and if it works as well over other colours, possibly the century!


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  1. Oh this is gorgeous. I am so obsessed with linear holos lately. I looked at her etsy shop and I want everything!

    • Highly recommend it! I wanted so much, too, but the costs mount when you’re from the other side of the world. Etsy is dangerous, I have concluded! Thanks for reading 🙂

  2. KaPOW indeed! I need me some holographic nail noms :3
    -Del xx

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