China Glaze Stone Cold – Swatch

This is the second polish I bought from the Hunger Games collection. I would have bought most of them, but… I is not able to.  Luckily I did get these two (Stone Cold and Harvest Moon, which I swatched here), because I adore them both.

I have never used a matte polish before – I’ve matted them with matte top coat, but that’s different. I have read that mattes dry fast so you have to work fast, and I’m just not all that skillful, so I had some trepidation. Never fear, this was easy to work with, had beautiful application, and these photos are all two coats on their own: no base and  no top coat (obviously!)

In the sunlight – see the faint pink shimmer?

I have lumps and ridges in my nails, and I was super happy at how well this polish covered those. And yes, it dried fast. Bonus!

Shade – with a lovely little chunk of obsidian, and a glaringly obvious silver patch


This is a charcoal grey/black shimmer – and it does shimmer in the sunlight. In the shade it looks softly flecked, but in the sun you can see a silver and pinkish shimmer through the whole thing. Very pretty, even though it’s not shiny!

You can also probably see the silver patch at the bottom of my ring finger – the cotton bud just touched it when I was cleaning up (I did need a bit, child leapt on me while painting. Not a good combo!) and lo, silver blob. So I thought I’d cover it up with a few of these stick on blue ‘blings’ I bought from the local Coin Save for $2.50.

Stone Cold with blue Blings (that’s their name!)

Now, see, I think this looks AWESOME. It lasted a good 3 hours, even with doing dishes and gardening (both with gloves, but still!) – and that was with no additional glue. And the lumps were so big it felt like a feature, not an irritant. Or maybe I just forgave it, because it looked so good.

Also noticed – the blings in that sequence(large to small) made my nails look longer. BONUS!

And here’s another photo, just because I couldn’t resist 😀 And yes, for anyone wondering, I have been pairing it with obsidian because it’s called Stone Cold. (and obsidian is a stone).


Made BIIGGGGG because I like this photo.. 😀



Can’t wait to wear this combo out for a special occasion! And although that last photo was huge, if you want to see any of the others huge just click on them 🙂

Have a great weekend!



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  1. o0o very pretty! ❤ it!
    ps im back!!!!!lol

  2. This is such a staple polish for me. I just love it. i was so surprised that there was a matte in that collection at all.

  3. ❤it with the blue bling!!

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