Misa Toxic Seduction: Swatches

This is Misa Toxic Seduction from their 2008 Poisoned Passion collection. Old-ish, yes, but pretty! I saw swatches all over the place and thought they looked gorgeous in all their dark shimmery green glory.

So, this was one of my purchases from Head2Toe Beauty, and glad am I for chosing it.

These photos are three coats, plus top coat. To be technically correct, I put on two coats and a top coat last night, and it was perfect in two. This morning I put on another coat (slight mishap involving slightly tacky polish to cover up) and a top coat. But it only needed two to look amazing. I also have to say, the application on this is so good I want to buy every polish they make. I only needed to clean up a little bit, and thats only because I am clumsy. This was  smooth, self-leveling, and so, so nice to put on. Love!


In the shade it’s a nice forest green, and the shimmer is very understated. It almost looks flecked. In the sun it blazes to life with those amazing emerald green glimmers. I, don’t think it looks as amazing as the older swatches I was looking at. However, it’s amazing enough for me. Moderate quick drying time, wears pretty quickly but not horrifically so.

With a malachite and hematite necklace I made..

And a gratuitous craft AND polish photo – this is the pendant I made from a old metal toy  🙂

I am seriously eyeing up the rest in that collection though, I do love the vampy polishes!

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  1. I absolutely love this green. I’ve never tried any Misa polishes but I’ve heard lots of good stuff about them.

  2. Love this color 🙂 i need to check out head2toe beauty but right now i am on a nail polish diet…i went a lil crazy in April, lol!!

    • So many people did! I managed to get a few, but wow there are so MANY nice ones out there, now! Check them out anyway, and save them to favourites for later.. heh heh hehe

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