My new rooster…

Meet Rico Sauve… my new rooster. My neighbour breeds Old English Game bantams (well, ok, technically they do all the work: like me she wakes up one morning to find her chicken population has expanded again…) and I have two hens from her. They were my first two chickens. You know, I could blame her for my chicken obsession, but I don’t. I just nice like that. Last week she (at my request!) gave me a young rooster from her latest hatching.. I’ve named him Rico.

Rico. Suave.

Isn’t he gorgeous? I have a few bantams now, 2 polish bantams, 2 pekins and 2 old english game – and I was concerned that, as I am going into having dual purpose chickens (e.g. BIG!) they would get hurt by a big rooster attempting happy hop-ons. Hence getting them a rooster of their very own…  hopefully it works out alright. The only thing against bantam roosters – their crow is very high pitched, and quite annoying. However, I think Rico is gorgeous, he has integrated well into my flock and just struts his stuff around all day, looking like a mighty mighty rooster. He’s TINY. It’s hilarious 😀


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  1. nIce rooster reminds me of one i used to have a white old english.

    • Thank you! I haven’t seen any white old english – but I would imagine they’re beautiful. They’re almost the quintessential chicken, really 🙂 Thanks for reading!

  2. Yes, Rico is gorgeous! I love his multi-colored feathers.

    • he is stunning. His daddy rooster was gorgeous – very similar, so when some of this hatching started with the colouring, I knew I wanted one! And my neighbour gave me the most colourful of the lot. Win! Thanks for reading 🙂

  3. Now THAT is a magnificent cock! ;D

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