Jordana: Coral Spark – Swatch and Review

This is a red/coral version of the Jordana Blue Flash I bought and reviewed here. In spite of Blue Flash being quite a disappointment, I bought this one as it appeared to have a lot more glitter in it. And I was right… ish.

Here it is in most of it’s glory – it’s a rainy day here so some of the glitter isn’t showing up. This is three coats, and it dries suprisingly fast. Rough, though – you’ll need a thick topcoat for this. It is a red/pink coral – in the shade it looks orange/pink and in the sun it looks red/pink.

Inside / shade - see, much more orange!

Each subsequent layer covers the glitter of the first layers, but luckily there is enough so that you get some of that holographic bar glitter and small glitter peeking through to add interest.

dim sunlight..

So, overall I am much happier with this colour then with the Blue, and happy to add this to my collection.


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