China Glaze Liquid Leather swatch plus LeChat holographic

First and foremost, let me apologise for these pictures. Please do not enlarge unless you need to traumatise yourself. Here’s the story – I put on a layer of Liquid Leather, then a coat of CR 21 for a previous post. (here, if you are curious). Then I took it off, and reapplied the Liquid Leather. But.. when I took it off, the black stampeded over my nails and embedded itself in my dry cuticles.. and I couldn’t get it out. Ugh. But here is China Glaze’s Liquid Leather, a super glossy creme black nail polish.


This is two coats, plus top coat. I know it’s glossy anyway, but I like SERIOUSLY shiny black polishes. This was so thin and nice to work with – it did have a tendancy to pool and pull, but nothing major, and I could rework that pretty painlessly. The only downside I found is that it actually takes quite a while to dry, even with quick dry top coat.

Even sorrier! Focus on the gloss.. please 🙂

Which is why I ended up doing accent nails… I dinged it. To clarify – not only does it take awhile to dry, but it stays SUPER wet for a lot longer then you’d think. Or I’d think, as evidenced by the dings.

So, great excuse to crack out the LeChat Dare to Wear Hologram Diamond, another of my newly arrived polishes. I thought this would be another moderately sparse top coat, which I do love, but wanted to try a new brand. Wrong…

Very cool shaped bottle, LE CHAT.

This is ONE coat, one THIN coat of Hologram Diamond over the Liquid Leather. This is not purely a layering polish. This is not a simple polish. Sure, it’s in a clear base, but it has different sizes and shapes of glitter, mostly silver holographic but it looks like some moderate sized silver in there too. It reminds me of fish scales, and chain mail, all at the same time. It also sits really quite flat, and although it’s not smooth, it is nowhere near as gritty as these types of glitters often are. These photos have a top coat, which brings out the fire so well. I’m looking forward to swatching this on it’s own, now, and giving myself glitter-blindness in the sunshine! Whoop!

Have a great day,

Ami 🙂

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