Stressed Cow Soup

Warning. Next week I *may* go AWOL. I will try my best not to, but I’m making some temporary lifestyle changes that may cause me to be unbearable to be around, in which case I’ll slink off stage left for a little while.

I’ll avoid gory details, but long story short- earlier this year I attempted the Dukan diet. It worked, yes, for both weeks I did it, but.. it also seems to have exacerbated a family tendancy towards IBS to a degree that I cannot live with. So I’ve researched, and read, and thought, and come to the conclusion that I need to go on a Elimination diet to give my poor abused insides a chance to heal. Basically I’m avoiding anything that could cause problems, which normally leaves people meat, fish, veges and fruit – however I’ve stopped eating red meat and chicken, and also have to avoid certain fruits and veges (because they could cause problems) so I have very little left that I can eat. For three weeks.

And so… I made this soup. It’s silverbeet (chard), celery, tomatoes (which technically shouldn’t be in there), corn, and carrot. And some spices. I blended it all up, because… surely the less chewing the better. And I made almost 8 litres of it, to freeze and reheat later. And.. here’s a photo. I’ve decided to call it Stressed Cow Soup. I bet you can guess why…

Om. Nom. Nom.

Without coffee, sugar, and normal food I may go a bit insane. In which case you won’t hear from me until I’ve got that under control. I’m NOT looking forward to these three weeks. I AM looking forward to finding out the foods I should avoid, and giving myself a chance to heal. I’ll be starting on Monday, wish me luck!Β πŸ˜€


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  1. I’m sorry for you, really am, do you think your music practice will be really bad or really good, we should practice some heavy metal possibly?

  2. Aww, I’m sorry you have to go through this! Hope you find what is causing the problem! Best of luck and hope you heal fast!!!! ❀

  3. Luck! So much luck! And call me when it gets rough πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, you know I will! Boy, it got rough last night, making that mess. But, it will be good for me. It had better be, right? Nothing that looks like that could be bad. πŸ˜€

  4. Awwww. I hope you find what works for you. Those are terrible things to deal with (I know from experience) so I hope it’s not too unbearable for you.

    • Thanks! I’m fairly sure its mostly gluten and casein, and possibly soy. What I’m really hoping is that I just need to heal, and then everythings fair game, but I doubt it heh. Thanks for the good wishes, and sorry to hear you have gone through similar!

  5. Good luck, feel better soon.

  6. Good luck! My friend Raegan and her son can’t eat beef without getting sick, so it’s not entirely uncommon.

    I tried an elimination diet once, and didn’t make it long enough to get real answers. (Unless 3 days is long enough…) A year or so later, I tried cutting gluten, and miraculously made it long enough to discover that it makes myself and my oldest son very, very ill.

    I still have some issues, and should probably do an elimination diet at some point, but at least I know the major thing I can’t eat. I found out that makes me sick a few years ago, and I cut it completely for a good year, but I’ve been eating it regularly for a while now. I’m just a glutton for punishment.

    I hope you get some answers!


    • Thank you! I am looking forward to getting some answers. Willpower isn’t my strong suit, but I need to do something. I’m pretty sure it’s mostly gluten, also too much casein and possibly soy – but it’ll be an adventure to find out πŸ˜€ Thanks for your support!

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