Color Club: It’s Only Natural Swatch and Review

A man walks into a doctors surgery and says”Doc, I can’t stop singing The Green Green Grass of Home, no matter WHAT I do! What’s wrong with me?!” And the doctor says, “hmmm. It sounds like it might be Tom Jones Syndrome”. And the man says: “I’ve never heard of that! Is it rare?” And the doctor says “its not unusual…”


Ok, no, I’m not really. But this is the first of the new nail polishes, and it’s a goodie! In fact, there’s only one thing I don’t like about it, and that is that it’s a mini bottle. I even like the fact that the name got THAT joke in my head instantly. Because I’m easily amused, and proud of it.

Base of bottle / label shot..

I think this has become my favourite ‘my nails but better’ polish. I find it really hard to find the perfect nude colour – most are too peach toned, and my skin has a really strong yellow/olive undertone so the peaches give me corpse hands, and I hate that.

This doesn’t.  It has just that little hint of pink to make it really work. This is almost identical to a L’Oreal polish I had, and adored, called Sweet Nothings. I broke that bottle, then when I went to replace it I realised L’Oreal test on animals and so far I’ve found nothing as good.  If anyone knows any polishes that look like this, but are full sized and not animal testing, could you let me know?


This is three coats, quite thick. It is a little streaky, but if I can even it out, anyone can. It is sheer, and I would like it to not be, but apart from that it’s perfect. I quite like the effect, it’s almost jelly-ish – it’s just that my nails are stained from a pink polish I had, and I can see the stainage through this polish. Quick drying time, and very shiny – this has top coat but it was shiny without it.

Also in sun..

Shade - see? Pinker!

Based on the name, I thought this photo, nails and tree,would be appropriate.

So yes, I love this colour. I do think my hands look nicer with a nude colour, but I love all the other colours way to much to give them up! By tomorrow I expect this will have some bling on it. What’s the bet? 😀

Update. It’s tomorrow, and my nails have some bling on them. Who’da thunk? 😉


This is another polish I got at the IPC garage sale – all I know about it is the brand name, Testimo. Its a salmon-pink tinged clear base with gold/green iridescent glitter in it. Super pretty! Then three pink hexagonal glitter arranged on top – these were in a nail art wheel from the $2+ shop in Feilding. I was going for 4 on the diagonal, but my hands are super shaky today, so 3 it was!

3 coats of It's Only Natural, 1 coat of the Testimo glitter, 3 hex glitter thingies (they flash green then blue in the light. Pretty!)


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  1. The colour seems to look quite nice, I love such neutral shades.

  2. This is a great neutral. It’s so pretty and milky. I have never seen a mini color club bottle!

    • I love it to, third day on my nails, which is a pretty big deal for me 😀 I’m not a compulsive changer of polishes, but close. I never had, either! I was intrigued.. this was from Head2Toe Beauty, by page 4 of the Color Club polishes you get some really interesting older stuff, good fun to try 😀 Thanks for commenting!

      • I’ve never bought from them before. I have issues ordering stuff online when I can get it in person because I have this need to touch everything. Weird, I know. 3 day wear is unheard of for me. lol I change my polish daily.

      • I agree, I’d much rather see it in person! However… we can’t get a lot of stuff here, and when we can it’s really expensive. So online overseas shopping it most often is for me. Daily change is great! I do that when it chips – but this one hasn’t chipped. At all. Including normal household stuff, gardening, feeding chickens and moving 25kg chicken feed bags – thats amazing. 😀

      • I just checked your “about me” and I see you’re in NZ. Wowza…I hear how outrageous prices can get abroad for certain things.

        Any polish that goes through all of that for 3 days without a chip is a winner in my book!

      • Hehe, yep – sometimes, although I do love this country, I think I should preface all my blogs with ‘from a tiny country far from anything…’ just so everyone else knows 😀 Color Club have to be my favourite brand, for their quality as well as their ethical stance. Still, this has been a legendary polish, luckily chipped now (took part of my nail off on a cupboard, oooops) – so yay, change time!

  3. Very pretty color! I like the milky neutrals like this.

  4. I LOVE the color! I’ve never worn a neutral like this. I did have a very pale pink once that looked beautiful, especially as the base for a French manicure, but even alone. I painted my nails white once, and it just looked horrible on me. This, I want to try.


    • There are some whites that are nice, and some (most!) that look like a bottle of Twink (white-out or pen erasing fluid to non-Kiwi’s hehe) has exploded all over your fingers. Non- nice. This was Head2Toe Beauty – all of $1.50 for a mini bottle, shipping would be a lot less expensive to the States, too! One coat would be just so nice – really natural and glossy. Four would be pretty much opaque 😀

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