CR 53 Swatches and Comparison with OPI The One That Got Away

I might just start numbering these post titles. They’re getting longer, not shorter! 😀

Here is the simply named 53, from CR / Cosmetic Color. This is a berry fuchsia pink with silvery shimmer. Very pretty, I probably walked past it 5 times at the $2+ shop – and then I saw my neighbour wearing it. I went ‘want!’ She went ‘here, I got you one!’ She rocks. That was her and her daughter, they’re good people.


And shade

Please ignore the messy bits, I was in a hurry 🙂

I also have OPI The One That Got Away – from the Katy Perry range – and thought it looked similar… so put them side by side.

Sunset lighting! They are more pink and less berry then they look here..

Not that similar at all, once out of the bottle though!

from left to right: OPI, CR, OPI, CR - eg index and ring fingers OPI

The OPI is sheerer – this is three coats to the CR 2 coats. The OPI also is a lot more complicated – the shimmer looks like a lighter pink, not silver, and it’s slightly duochrome. The color itself reads a lot deeper on the nail than the CR. In fact, it makes the CR one look really flat – but #53 is a nice colour, very foil-y and shimmery in the sun. Could totally justify owning both if you didn’t already, or you felt you needed to for some reason ;D Dry time on both was excellent, and wear time is very similar. (eg tip wear and light chipping by next day.)


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