April 17th – Something You Don’t Like

Photo-A-Day April- Something you (I!) don’t like:

Not one straight line in sight..

And there are quite a few things in this one photo.

Positivity first: I do like the fact that I have MDF, and am cutting it up to fix the walls of the caravan. I also like using the jigsaw. And I really like the fact I can do this… and I haven’t lost any digits doing so.

OK… on to why I chose this for todays theme: I really, really, REALLY don’t like the fact that I can’t cut straight. I don’t like that the jigsaw blade is bent like a frozen wave, but I can’t blame it. Its me. I can’t cut straight. I’m stubborn enough to make it work, but.. check out those edges! EEEK! I don’t like not being able to anchor down huges pieces of MDF like this.. so they wobble back and forwards while being cut. I also don’t like the tape measure.. my kids love the tape measures, and next thing you know Mr Tape Measure no longer retracts and is bent at right angles at 5, 10, and 15 cm marks.

Do I dislike the sawdust? Nah, means I got to cut some wood. At the end of the day, dispite the petty annoyances, I love using power tools and fixing things. And being able to cover it with furniture and pretend I meant to make it wavy like that… its ARTISTIC, okay? 😀 And super yay, my walls are mostly fixed! Now to finish nailing them in, and get some really thick wallpaper to cover the lumps and hollows.

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