April 13th: Something You Found

Photo-A-Day April: Something I found:


This is a feather from an Australasian Harrier Hawk, one of our only two birds of prey in NZ: it looks like this:

Image from http://www.tiritirimatangi.org.nz/australasianharrier - also has some great information, check it out! Photographer is Max McRae

I think this feather would have been lost when a car went too close to the bird, who would have been eating roadkill. The raggedy edges makes me think it was in the process of moulting, at any rate. I’m glad the bird wasn’t hit by the car, and I refuse to pick up feathers from poor hit by cars birds.

This is a big feather! From quill to tip it is about 4 cm longer than my whole hand. Best part was the finding: one Monday walk I found this, picked it up to take home. When I got home I realised I had lost it somewhere. Sadness! But, on the Thursday walk, I found it again! Yay! Best found feather to date šŸ˜€


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