China Glaze Blue Years Eve + Glitter – for Autism Awareness Month

Jasmine from Color Coated has been doing a whole month of blue manicures to promote Autism Awareness Month – and they’re awesome. As is she, for supporting a cause like this. I can’t do a whole month – I just don’t have enough blue polishes (yet heh heh heh). But, for today, here is my Autism Awareness nails!

This is China Glaze Blue Years Eve with Color Club Covered in Diamonds as the middle finger accent top coat.

Blue Years Eve is my favourite blue polish (so far!): it’s from the Let it Snow holiday collection, and is a gorgeous electric blue with subtle purple duochrome flash, and lighter blue shimmer. I LOVE it, and I love wearing it. I wanted something rainbow-esque for the accent nails – one thing that people often don’t to know about people with autism is the rainbow they carry – I guess if you are close to someone on the  autistic spectrum you’ll probably know what I’m talking about.

So, for that, I chose Color Club Covered in Diamonds, a thick, gluggy top coat with shards of opalescent glitter in it. This is a bit tricky, you sort of have to plop a blob on your nails and poke it around to get a moderately even coverage. Dry time is looonnng.. because its thick, it’s also quite rough, and the shards can overhang the edge of the nail and get scritchy – just poke them back while you’re applying it. It’s very pretty though.

The China Glaze is really nice – thin, sheer – it takes 3 coats to achieve close to bottle colour, 4 brings out the purple flash a bit better, but I don’t generally have the time to let that dry. It’s 3 coats here, and you can see my ring nail could use another coat. It’s not as obvious in real life, the sunlight catches the sparkle and hides any unevenness.

Close up - showing the shimmer

So, here’s to greater awareness of Autism. Here’s to better education, and hopefully greater acceptance. Most of all, with all my heart, I want MUCH greater support for parents and families of people with moderate – severe ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). I have met some beautiful souls, and worked with them, and watched their families break apart from the strain. I’ve read some of the stories. I’ve cried. There are people out there now struggling, and suffering, and trying so hard to keep their children (adult or otherwise) alive and safe with no help, and no support, and often- no friends or even a way to debrief. Autism is no joke – and while at the moment all I can do is wear blue nail polish, I really hope we can bring enough attention to this so the people living with it can get the help they so desperately need.

And here's too the purple duochrome - you can see a touch across the front of my index nail there!


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  1. very cute!
    i love the color club!!!

  2. so beautifully put about the rainbow and how right you are.

  3. Beautiful!! I’m a new follower (from NZ too)… Love your work!!

    p.s. megis217 sent me over… haha 🙂

    • Thank you, and thanks for following! I followed you back.. to your blog home anyway, its kinda strange how thats good news in the interwebs and sooooo bad in real life 😀
      Go us Kiwis! 😀

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