April 11th: Where you ate breakfast

Photo-A-Day April: Where you ate breakfast


This is where I should have eaten breakfast – but I’m still not used to it being a useable space yet. Yesterday it was a ‘junk’ room – unintentionally: it was barricaded off from the small monsters so there was a safe space for things (like my dragon collection, Mr Husbands robot collection, and the chicks when they were still under lamps inside, etc etc). Things that then were ignored, and buried with other things. But look! I turned it into a library! With a couch! So cozy and took a LOT of work.  So this is where I should have eaten breakfast… not at my computer (which I refuse to take a photo of, sorry, still have yet to clean this room up! hehe)

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  1. I love it! Charlie recently turned her “homeschool room” into a sitting room for adults, and it’s “epically awesome” as my 10 yr old would say… from the doorway, ’cause he’s not allowed in. =P


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