Color Club Revvvolution, BYS Black Satin + Holo swatch

This was a fun combo I tried 0ut last week – I saw some swatches of Bridal Veil (by a-england, WANT!!!! Along with all the rest of them!) and thought I could create a similar (enough to kill the craving) look with Color Club Revvvolution if only it was darker. So, I layered it over black. This black.

BYS Black Satin – boy this is a thick polish – more like tar. Super shiny, dries and chips fast. I’ve tried to thin it with no success, still needs two coats thanks to some dragging issues. I want another black polish, with a nicer formula, but this one will certainly do for now! So, one coat of this. Then I added one coat of Color Club Revvvolution…

Oooh, ahhhhhh

Which is an amazing polish. Very densely pigmented, one coat covered all the black and didn’t darken it at all (darn it!) but was still beautiful, as you see.

Super close up of the polish!


Then I thought, ah this is all very pretty but I’d like MORE bling. (I do that a lot. I’d say it was a flaw, but I enjoy it too much). So I added, on ring fingernails, one coat of this holographic top coat from a brand called Chic Choc (no name, I believe it is a Japanese polish but I’m not sure). Its a mini size, with maxie awesomeness.

And the final result?

I loved this. I did. I wore it until it chipped too badly and I needed to take it off. That was about 2 days, thanks to BYS’s thick and gluggy formula, but still! Revvvolution is gorgeous, wears but doesn’t chip, dries fast and glossy. Has a greenish tinge but is mostly charcoal grey, with that gorgeous tiny particled holo shimmer. Removal is a breeze – as easy as a cream polish. It looks like a dark grey with fine silver shimmer inside/shade, but lights up in the sunshine. Chic Choc is stunning, nice and thin and easy to apply, dries fast – very gritty. Worth it!


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