It’s Easter Monday!

And that… means a holiday for Mr Husband Man, and thats always nice. I’m all in it for the holidays. And Happy Holidays/Easter/Chocolate Break for everyone who celebrates such 🙂

And, you know what else is on a holiday? My brain is on a holiday. I’m working on a few things to write about, and there’ll be a photo later today (and I can promise it’ll be scary….) but for now, here’s a photo of one of my chickens.

Roosters don't lay eggs, not even Easter Eggs. Good attempted explanation for your sneaky chicken behaviour, Mister Hamburg.

This gorgeous boy bird (purebred Gold Spangled Hamburg, approx 5 months old if anyone is interested) is one of the top 3 pains in my butt chickens here. There are three that just WAIT for their opportunity to come into the house. Lets be delicate… chickens aren’t toilet trained. I don’t want them in my house.
So, when this (unnamed because I’ll sell him) boy comes in I catch him, give him gentle cheek and chin scratches (did you know most birds like that? When they calm down? They do!) and hugs, let my boys have a gentle pat, then put him outside. He pretends to hate it, but secretly I think he now only comes inside for cuddles.
My eldest son took the photo. 4.5 years old and he can take better photos than his parents. Legend! 😀


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  1. Your son did a very good job 🙂

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