Hand-Made Gift Tags

Short and sweet post today – just thought I’d put up a couple of photos of some gift tags I made a few Tuesday nights ago. You see, on Tuesday my neighbour and I have Craft Night! We meet up in her garage, which is being transformed into her art studio; and we eat chocolate, drink either alcohol or peppermint tea, and make stuff (usually jewellery or papercraft, and sometimes she paints).

So I felt like making something a bit pretty and girly, and these fit the bill:

And owls, owls are cute. I like the button brads too, and the fact I could attach a second gift tag to the main one, that was fun!

Puffy heart stickers. Whats not to love?

These will go into our shop on Felt at some point in time, we do have others on there though.

Have a great day!


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  1. Those owls are just funky πŸ˜€ Would you consider doing your own stencils or textiles? you’ve both got really good eye(s) for colour, I think you’d be able to do even MORE amazing stuff.
    And .. then you could teach me how to do it ;D

    • erm. We’d need a LOAD more time then we have! I’m happy with stamps, brads, stickers and paper for now, but I’ll think about it! I made stencils for my house… its SUCH a pain πŸ˜€

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