The Naked Face Project: Makeup Free Saturday

The Naked Face Project was a month-long experiment by two women (facebook page here) who work with empowering young girls, and questioned their own use of beauty products on a day to day basis. They also have a blog here, please read for more details, it’s fascinating!

Anyway, as they were finishing up their month of no make-up / shaving/ beauty products this weekend, they posted an open invitation to other women to join them for a day of no make-up on Saturday the 31st of March. My first thought was ‘you go, girls, I’ll read about it later!’ but then I realised I was being a coward, and decided to join in. And hey, we were supposed to be at home on Saturday, so it required no courage at all 😀

Yep, I know. Cowardly lion.. without the lion. (image from

But uh-oh. All of a sudden we heard about the Airshow at Ohakea Air Base, and decided to go. And to my credit (I think!) I kept my word. And on the way it became apparant that there were MANY more people going then I thought.. about 75 ooo all up, last count. But that also worked in my favour: by the time we got there (took us 4 hours to make a normally 40 minute journey) I was so cranky that I didn’t care that I didn’t have concealer on my sudden pimple outbreak. Oh yay, hormones. How I love thee.

So, this is me, naked faced! I did cheat and straighten my fringe, though.

My thoughts? Moderately easily done for me, I don’t wear a lot of makeup. I DID miss concealer, and felt quite exposed without it. I did enjoy not having to worry about smudging anything when I rubbed my face, or that make up is falling into those creases we’re not, apparently, allowed to have.

If we're allowed a plane, though, I'll have one of these. Oh yeah. F-18 jet... oh my GOODNESS the noise they make! love, love, love, LOVE!

I didn’t feel invisible, and I thought I would. I did have some awesome discussions about it, with my mother and sister mostly, and had a few brainwaves. The most important, for me, being the whole ‘makeup makes you look like you but BETTER’ idea – which has an evil, inisidious twin thought: ‘without makeup you look worse’. Thats not good. I also know that I love to use makeup for fun, I love the colours, but usually I’m too scared to use them – somehow I believe I have to try and make myself look like everyone else in order to look good. So, no more!  I’ll use what I want, when I want. So people, if you see me at kindy, or doing the recycling, or the weeding, and I have glittery coloured stars on my face or yellow lips: don’t fret! I’m just having fun.

Gratuitous helicopter shot. Just because. 🙂


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