Color Club: Worth the Risque Swatch

This pretty polish is Color Club Worth the Risque – a silver holographic polish. I adore this. In the shade it looks like a pretty silver foil, but when the light (sun or bright overhead light) hits it WHAMMO! A million rainbow colours!

Theres a rainbow hiding in this seemingly innocuous silver polish...

Love love love it. Its a very dense holographic too.

In the shade – see, kind of just another silver foil.

Please excuse the mess. I was in a REAL hurry!

And in the sun… NOT just another silver foil. Pretty!

Heres an extreme close up just to show that gorgeous holo sparkle off some more.

This was two coats – its a nice opaque polish. Dry time is average, and its very smooth. This has a top coat on as well in the photos, which does bring out even more of the fire. Wear time is average – I get tip wear in one day, but almost every polish does that. Color Club (Forsythe Group) are very ethical in their anti-animal testing stance, and long may that continue! I buy almost all of mine off Ebay for about $3.50 US – when postage is added in it usually ends up being around $8 (including postage) for each polish. Pretty good deal for well made, big 3 free, non animal tested polish!


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  1. I thought about getting this, and it was in my cart for days, weeks, and months. I finally decided to go with Hits Hefesto! πŸ™‚ Looks pretty, though. I may have to put it back in my cart! πŸ˜‰

  2. They do look quite different, the Hits polishes are just amazing linear holos – I’d get ALL of them if I could! This would be a second pick to that one.. but different enough, and more silvery I think, to justify it if you were really, really into silver. Otherwise probably not worth it! πŸ™‚

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