Maybelline Chic Chocolate and Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple

Just a quick post, because this was such a fail of a polish attempt!

Here they are: I wanted a dark shimmery red/brown, and chose Maybelline Chic Chocolate. This polish … it was on sale. My ethics and I have nothing to blame but my greed. Although normally I don’t buy Maybelline (the animal testing thing) this was at a big sale for… about $3 and I just grabbed it. *guilt* But it was pretty.

And then I did an accent nail with Kleancolor Chunky Holo Purple.. which is another guilty ‘really-cheap-not-checking-ethics’ polish, but.. well, I do have a few of them. One day I’ll have none, until then I’ll swatch what I have, and plant some trees or something.

Now, both these polishes are pretty – but I kept bumping my nails when they were wet (the Maybelline doesn’t dry in 50 seconds. Try 10 mins or so). And then I ran out of time and just threw more polish over the mungled polish.. and hoped the accent glitter would hide the mess. Oooh no, accentuate the negative…

This only lasted a day. It was a relief to get rid of it. It would have been nice, apart from my rush and lack of time. I’ll do a nicer post later… but there are others I want to do before that.

In case you think I'm exaggerating - here's a close-up of the mangled mess! 😀


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  1. Ive been wanting the clean color chunky halo purple..i need to add it to my wishlist.

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