Kereru Cold Balm Chest Rub and Inhalant – Review

I recently got to meet the lovely folk at Kereru Natural Products (they live just down the road as it turns out!), and got to try this cold balm. I have had experience with Vicks, and thats all  in terms of chest rub anti-cold things, and this one is much nicer.

Cute little handmade packaging!

The ingredients are listed as: Beeswax, lanolin, cold-pressed castor oil, essential oils of Cedarwood, Pink Camphor, Rosemary, Eucalyptus, Lavendar, Marjoram, Geranium & Lemon, and menthol and thymol.

Thymol is a hugely effective (as anti-bacterial) constituent of thyme. So, at a glance you can tell that this isn’t a vegan blend , that pregnant women should not be using this without advice (cedarwood shouldn’t be used during pregnancy), and that it *may* be a skin irritant for certain people (thymol, camphor, and menthol especially can be a bit aggravating to some people), but ALSO that this will kick a colds’ butt, given half a chance. I would far rather use this than Vicks, with its petroleum byproduct base and synthetic fragrances.

You can use this either as a chest rub (like Vicks), or put a bit in a bowl of hot water and use as an inhalant.

I love the smell of this, very clean and comforting – and although I hope none of us gets sick this year – well, sadly, it’s bound to happen, so I’m pleased I have this on hand to use for when the sniffles and coughs start. Thanks, Kereru! Check out their website, and all the goodies, here:

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