Maybelline Express Finish: Charming Cobolt – Review

This is a nail polish by Mabelline, their Express Finish range (supposedly 5o second dry time) – in Charming Cobolt.

A pretty strange name for a very pretty polish. Here it is!

This polish was a gift from a friend of mine,who knows the kinds of colours I like. Thanks, N! I don’t tend to buy from Maybelline, they have some lovely things but they do test on animals, but this was such a thoughtful  gift that I enjoy it nonetheless.

In the shade. Please ignore the edges, it ran like a 12 legged camel on that nail.

It is a VERY deep blue with sapphire blue shimmer, very pretty. In the shade it looks almost black, but has that midnight blue hue – you can see that it isn’t black, which is nice.

in dim sunlight. I broke my middle nail down to the quick - so only two nails in the swatches for awhile! 🙂

Here’s a closeup to try and show the shimmer – what do you think? Is it an effective photo?

super close up!

It does take considerably longer than 50 seconds to dry. I orginally had 2 coats,base and quick dry top coat, and it would have taken 10 mins to dry, easily. Thats not too bad, but its certainly not good. Strangely, the next day I put on another coat (to hide the dings I made the night before because I thought it was dry and went for the chocolate too soon, hehehe ) and a top coat,and that dried VERY fast. Maybe 3 minutes? Formula was good, a bit watery but workable, and the colour intensity was great – 3 coats was perfect, but 2 was close enough.

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